Blog What You Know – Blog Your Life

Most of the real blogs you create will be a marathon, rather than a sprint, because creating a popular high-traffic blog will take years, rather than months.

(By “real” blogs I mean conventional blogs, which grow over time. A blog is just a Web site, so you can create blogs for any purpose – for a product launch, or an event, or as a sales tool for example.)

Can you face creating content about your chosen topic for years?

Before you start a blog, consider basing it on your own life experience in some way. This doesn’t mean that your blog needs to be about YOU, as an autobiographical blog, although it could be. Some bloggers do this very effectively.

Here are five ways in which you can blog your life, to make content-creation easier:

1. Use your knowledge and enthusiasms

What are you passionate about? When you blog about a topic you’ll be talking about anyway, blogging is easy and fun. For some bloggers this may be politics, or productivity, or sports.

2. Where are you? Blogging local

You could blog about your city, town or state. As more businesses move online, they look for Web sites on which to advertise. By creating a local blog, you should be able to collect a faithful group of advertisers, once you get some traffic.

Since you live in your locality, you’ll collect content easily.

3. What do you do? Blogging your career

Your career may be boring to you, but if you can talk about it in an interesting way (without betraying secrets and thus losing your career of course) you could create an excellent blog.

4. Lifestyle blogging – travel, cooking and gadget blogs

Travel, cooking and gadget blogs are fun to read, and if these topics are fun for you, you’ll create a blog with a wide following.

5. Turn disasters into blogs – health and financial blogging

If you’re battling with a health challenge, you could blog about this. You’re providing a service to help others in the same situation to cope.

The same applies to financial blogging. If you’re digging your way out of long term debt, or have formed an investment club, you’ve got ready-made topics for blogging.

So there you have ideas on five ways in which you can blog your life.


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