Blogging Research – Keeping Up with Information to Generate Content

As a blogger, you deal with information. Keeping up with the flow of information in the subjects about which you’re blogging can be a challenge.

You need to stay up to date in your area, but too much information is as bad as too little. There’s always the risk that you’ll drop into a black hole of information overload, and will spend time researching and managing information which you could be spending on creating blog posts.

Here are six ways to collect information for blogging:

1. Google Alerts – get email messages with information

At Google Alerts you can receive email messages of links to the latest information in your area.

2. Technorati – what are other bloggers talking about?

Technorati shows you what other bloggers are discussing.

3. Google Blog Search – information when you need it

Want information on a hot topic? Google Blog Search lets you search just for information on blogs.

4. RSS feeds – tracking your favorite blogs

Every blog has an RSS feed; some blogs have several. Subscribing to your favorite blogs in your niche lets you respond to what others are saying on your blog, and you can leave comments on other blogs too.

5. Receiving press releases from top companies in your niche

Companies large and small develop press releases whenever something new is happening. You can scoop other bloggers in your niche if you’re the first to break news. So go to company Web sites, and subscribe to receive their news releases.

6. Subscribing to ezines and newsletters

Subscribe to relevant ezines and newsletters in your area. Some are just promotions, however some contain useful news and other information.

These six information gathering methods will supply you with more than enough research for your blog.

While you’re researching, make a note of insights which occur to you, and write draft posts – just a few sentences to create a skeleton post. When you want to blog, having a supply of draft posts makes blogging easier.

By using these six ways of gathering information, you’ll have more than enough material for your blogging.


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