What does a comment mean to you?

By Mani Karthik | Blogging

Mar 05

Many of us are comment lovers, I haven’t come across a blogger who doesn’t like them. Some of us don’t allow them on blogs but that’s not because they don’t like them, that’s a psychological approach to get you thinking about the blog.

But, that’s not our topic here. What does a comment mean to you? What can you learn from comments on your blog? Is comment management essential or can they be avoided? A lot of questions to answer.

Let’s ask ourselves a question. Why do you like comments and how do they help you?

Good words

Comments are feedbacks from the readers. They give readers an opportunity to show their appreciation to you in words. And boy, who doesn’t like to read great comments appreciating your work. They are of course motivation to you isn’t it? To write more, to keep doing it.

Find out mistakes

Comments are also a sort of mistake counter. Any time you make a mistake that you didn’t notice, most likely one of your readers would spot it and let you know. Well, this is not something that should happen too often but yes, it helps at times.

Room for improvement

Feedback may not be always praises. Sometimes you get readers who may think different from you and spark off debates. Here, again if you take these comments as pointers towards your mistakes, you win ultimately. They give you ideas as to where you need improvement and where not.

How good a writer are you?

Seen those authors who gets mobbed for autographs? Does a similar kind of situation happen to you? If not, you’re probably not a good author. I mean, if you are a really good author, there is no way you have a post on our blog with zero comments.Count the ratio of comments on your blog, do you get a comment for each blog article? Compare the number of comments to the number of posts. If you have a higher ratio, I think you are safe.

Are your articles engaging?

Sometimes, just being a good author doesn’t help generate all that buzz. What really counts is whether you are a popular engaging author or not. For this you may have to convince the readers telling their version of the stories. However it is, comments can tell you how engaging you are. The more diverse comments you get on a topic, it shows how deep you have convinced the reader or related to him.

Do people like you?

I should’ve put this on top isn’t it? Yea comments tell you whether people like you or not. If the like you you get repeated visitors, increased subscription and lots of traffic, and if they don’t you get abused, you get subscription removals and all the hard time.

Find out topics to blog about.

Comments sometimes helps you to find out ideas to blog right? Sometimes you write about a topic, then comments ask a question/clarification on a point, which you might have missed in the original article. So at some points, comments do help us find topics to blog about.

Find what people are expecting from you.

When you blog, you probably would have a mindset and expectation from readers isn’t it? Like, you may think, 10 of those regular commenters will reply to this etc. And whenever there is a deviation from your expectations, go back and re think about your seeds. Had you planted them correctly, had you been writing about the right topic? Was that what you were supposed to blog about? (Probably you bloggerd about Obama and Hillary in your SEO blog). These give insights to ideas on what people are expecting from you when they read your blog. Utilize it.

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Sue March 5, 2008

I’d add one:

Comments build community.

Comments take your blog beyond being just a blog. They can expand your post way beyond just what you wrote. Blogs without comments are like a lecture: one guy at the front, telling everyone how it is. Blogs with good comment threads are like a conversation, and the best ones are like a party: surprising things happen! Some of the best blogs I know are worth reading just for the comments, because the blogger has built and fostered a wonderful community around their blog. And when your commenters start having a conversation between themselves, without you the blogger having to intervene to keep things going, then you know you’ve got it right.

Andy MacDonald March 5, 2008

Yeah an interesting topic Mani.

Yeah i think all bloggers like comments. I love receiving comments, good or bad on my blog. One, as you said, it allows people to show their appreciation of your work, and secondly, they allow readers to ask questions, which can then help and give you ideas on writing a post to answer those questions.

I think to really make a blog into a community, comments are an essential feature, without it, all you are is a one-way medium such as a newspaper. people cant become involved.

TzuVelli March 5, 2008

Great post. Comments are the defining characteristic for a blog. Without comments a blog is nothing more than a website with a CMS.

Elaine T March 6, 2008

Yes, i do like comments so that i know where i am for the piece of work i have done. I absolutely agree with you and i am opened to all that you’ve mentioned.
I agree with Andy that comments serve as a ‘dialogue’ – a 2way communication with readers’ particpation. this is cool.
colema board

Comments for me is a chance to get heard, to share my opinions on certain topics and just like Sue said a way of communicating and meeting fellow bloggers… :smile:

Kelly January 24, 2011

For me comments are all about community and carrying on a discussion. I also learn quite a lot from readers as they all have their own viewpoints, and it's always useful to hear what others think.

yesdriving February 11, 2011

Great Post, I beleive the interaction between the blog and viewers/commenters is what makes a blog a blog!

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