WordPress themes and plugins for the week


  • SEO green – SEO friendly WordPress theme
    This is a wordpress theme that is by default SEO friendly from DailySEOblog. Good one for blogger who doesn’t want to spent time SEO’ing.
  • Blog.txt
    This one is a professional minimalistic theme from Scott and one of the best ones ever made. Great theme for minima lovers and who follow strict code validations.
  • Vienna wordpress theme
    This is an awesome theme, good enough to make your visitor subscribe to your blog on his first visit.
  • Ygo Greenery CMS theme
    This one is an offbeat theme, it doesn’t quite look like a wordpress theme just because it does not have the typical three column look.


  • Search Engine Keywords
    Displays to the visitor coming from search engines, a message based upon what they’re searching for.
  • Smart update pinger
    Smart Update Pinger replaces the built-in update ping functionality. Instead of always pinging when saving a post, the plugin only pings when the post has not previously been published.
  • Add meta tags wordpress plugin
    This plugin adds XHTML META tags to your WordPress blog. It takes care of the basic old school SEO stuff.
  • Alexa redirect plugin
    I’m not sure if this plugin will do as it claims to, but it’s an interesting one (towards the gray side though).
    This is a WordPress plugin, which is designed to improve the Alexa Ranking of your blog by prefixing all your blog’s links with the Alexa Redirect URL

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