BloggingTips is going to get a redesign

By Kevin Muldoon | Site News

Mar 02

Ptah Dunbar was kind enough to offer to do a redesign of BloggingTips. The colour scheme will be remaining the same as will the logo etc. The main thing Ptah wants to do is make the site more user friendly and present the information in a better way.

Ptah is blogging about the steps he is taking in the redesign on his blog and will be walking through every aspect of the process (you can read the first post here). If you are thinking of touching your blog design up then I’m sure you will find the series of posts interesting.

Link : – Take your blog to the next level


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Sucuri Sucuri March 2, 2008

I'm looking forward to the redesign. I always like to see what new ideas and changes, sites/blogs come up with. Good luck!

Kevin March 2, 2008

Thanks Zac. I'm keen to see how it develops myself. I've always did the designs here so it will be good to see what someone else can add to it (* the current theme is a modded version of brian gardners revolution theme) :mrgreen:

Yeah im looking forward to seeing the redesign too. I personally love the design you already have, but im very interested to see how the new one will turn out. especially as im an author with you too, so i have a big interest in how it looks. lol.

Keep up the good work Kev! :mrgreen:

James Mann March 3, 2008

You current design looks fine. It's nice and clean and very easy to navigate.

I hope it stays as clean.

I keep making changes to my main blog but I am never satisfied, perhaps I should be thinking of a professional facelift.

I will be curious to see what your changes will look like and how it will work in search engines.

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