How and Where to Get Ideas to Blog

Writer’s block, blogger’s block what ever you call it, it hits all of us isn’t it?

Blogging is something that gives you new ideas everyday. You never run short of things to do. You tweak your template, you tweak your titles, add a new widget but when it comes to writing about blogging, you face the block. Ironical eh?

But did you know that getting ideas about blogging isn’t tough at all? Actually blogging and online money making is one of those topics that has the maximum number of blogs on. So there should be some stuff it it, otherwise these many people won’t be blogging about it right?

So where do you find topics to blog?

  1.  Questions you answer yourself
    Many a times, you yourself stumble upon road blocks while maintaining your site. For which you tend to find answers yourself researching or by self study. Either way, if you document it, that forms information for others. Like for example you have a problem with your comments section for which you research out a solution. Write it down, with points as to what the problem was, how you found the information, how you implemented it and finally you have a little tutorial article for you readers. So your daily tasks in running a blog/site can itself give you ideas to blog. One thing that might be worth noting however is that these ideas may not come that frequently like on a daily basis.
  2. Questions readers ask
    Another great way to get ideas to blog. When you are a problem solver or an authority in your niche (like SEO or Make money online guru), your readers ask you lot of questions. Sometimes there are bloggers who are excellent resources of knowledge, but never leave a window for readers to ask questions, which is not good. Leave contact forms on your blogs so that if your readers have to ask a question, they know whom to approach.
  3. Questions on comments
    Comments are always a great source of information, that many bloggers under estimate. They can tell you lot of information about your readership base. For instance comments will tell you if your readers agree to your idea or not. There are comments like “Great article”.. “Good one” to longer ones where a reader dissects your ideas and post their thoughts on it. Either way, you can learn the readers mind through the comments. There would be questions in answers and answers in questions. It’s up to you to decide whether to pick them up and create another post around it. But I’ve found that it really works as readers find it very useful and they appreciate it.
  4. Other blogs
    This is probably the most easiest way to find ideas to blog. The idea is simple. Find blogs that are related to your niche. Probably you can use a blog directory like to find them. And then visit these blogs and find out as to what are the popular and the most commented posts on them. Pick out the topics, think along those lines, find a new way to present it and write a whole new post. Simple as that. The good thing about this process is that you never run out of ideas as there are awesome number of blogs out there, and the bad thing is that you sometimes end up writing the same content as the original blogger write. Make sure that you improvise yourself and take a new direction to the idea, otherwise your readers won’t enjoy the repetition.
  5. Comments on other blogs
    This is yet another option that you have to study with care. You could simply go around and find out as many information as possible from the comments on the other related blogs. But that is not the point here. Find out as to if there are any questions that are left unanswered by the original blogger, if so pick them up and answer them in your blog. Doing so, you may want to credit the original blogger though (let’s not drive away from the blogging ethics).
  6. Digg, Twitter and the social media
    Social media is an awesome tool that will pour down lots of  information on you. And getting ideas from the topics discussed on the social media sites like Digg or Twitter is breeze. You could easily write a news item or a review of a recent software release on your blog inspired from a Digg story. A word of caution is that somebody else like you would have already published a story based on the news, so you don’t wanna run into duplicate content issues. But Twitter is very helpful in that aspect. There are lot of people asking questions or posting their thoughts and ideas on news, which you could pick up. Sit and brood on them, I;m sure you’ll be able to find gems that will give you awesome articles for your blog.
  7. Search Engine Referrals
    This is one of my personal favorite (No, not because I’m an SEO). I keep track of my referral stats on sitemeter like a hawk and as and when there’s a new referral from Google for a term that’s probably not available on my blog, I pick it up and write a post on it. Simple as that. Referrals can prove you awesome clues from readers/searchers that you might not have thought of. Keep track of it and pick up interesting ones to write articles around it. It’s a very simple idea that can work wonders.

So there you have it. Seven places that you can use to get ideas to blog. Some of them works all the time some of them does not. But it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. Remember, don’t under estimate any of those points, in every stone sleeps a crystal. 😉


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