WordPress themes and plugins for the week


  • Stumble Crumble Stumble Upon plugin
    This plugin helps you to display your recent stumbles on the blog as a list. Good one for social media enthusiasts.
  • Flickr Technorati plugin
    This plugin integrates Flickr with Technorati Tags. It takes the first Technorati tag, and uses it to look for related images on Flickr, displays the three most recent related images on your WordPress blog post, and updates images automatically.
  • Theme switcher plugin
    This plugin helps the user to switch between a give list of themes. Good for the blogs that want to give the user different set of themes and visuals for better reading pleasure.
  • Random Image plugin
    This plugin throws a random image from a particular folder on the blog. Good for adding some fun and “randomness”.
  • XATA33 Tag pluging
    This is an extra ordinary plugin that elps you to customize your tag cloud with colours, fonts etc. Good one for those colorful blogs out there.


  • Senorita Theme
    From Sadish, this theme is pretty good looking one mostly appealing to females . It’s probably the one you’ll use for your daughters blog. Techy and Geeky ones are so boring isn’t it?
  • Whatever life is
    Interesting title for a theme isn’t it? It is a different looking theme too. Colorful and lively. Best suited for lifestyle/personal blogs.
  • Soft white theme
    From GFXedit, this theme is a minimalistic one suitable for corporate blogs. Grey and lot of white space around. It comes with technorati and delicious tags options.
  • Sonia theme
    This one is a bit different in the first look. Has a nice header with text area, latest posts highlighted, navigation menu on the top and recent posts listed highlighted. Good use of usability, I think it stands out from the rest.
  • Yakuter Theme
    Sleek and shiny, this is the theme for those who want to portray elegance and purity.

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