So what’s all this Social media hype about?

Digg, Mixx, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Tumblr…phew the list just goes on.

Social Media is happening guys! In fact, it’s quite likely that, while I’m writing this, an outsourced development team in India or Romania is sketching up a new social media product. Such is the buzz.

Have you wondered, you don’t get time to manage one single blog, but then how do you manage all these social media sites? Agreed, it’s micro blogging and you can do it from your IM or mobile, if you could find time for it, you could even do the same on your blog isn’t it?

Sometimes, it makes no sense you see. The time required to manage five micro blogging sites is equal or even more than the time required to post an article.

So lazy guys out there, quit micro blogging and social media and get back to blogging. Remember, you were complaining last time that you don’t have time to blog.

But it’s all this hype about social media that keep you pulling back you know. I’ve tried it myself and lost at it. I used to be ..well actually I am a social media enthusiast and try to keep myself updated with new stuff. But the problem is there is a new product every single day and it takes a lot of time to manage it all.

I discussed this with some of my friends and you know what, they all were doing something similar. They’d register up for a product, probably because a friend referred to it, and then leave it at it. They’d never use the product,but only when they see someone else doing good at it.

Twitter for example. Out of 11 odd guys I talked to 7 of them have heard about twitter or have registered to it long time ago, but never used it. They are prompted to use it only once they see that someone else has benefited from using it.

So what is your take on all these social media hype? Do you end up using these tools or do you try it and throw them away?


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