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Feb 09

Darren writes an interesting post on How to use humor in your blog to bring about a change. Remember that open letter to Google AdSense team he wrote after they deciding to pull down the referrals? This post will give you insight on how to use a similar strategy on your blog.

Michael thinks that blogs bridge the gap between business and social media. I very much agree and urge you to read this post(in fact a video).Good insights there.

Wayne Liew writes about blogging difficulties faced by young bloggers here. Nice post, and a good topic to be blogging. I think more people will be blogging about this topic soon.

Blog well, has a list of WP plugins that you must use to convert a visitor to a repeating visitor. A good list of plugins and a nice read too. There were lot of contests announced at the blogosphere recently, and Mike Huang has a different take on all of theme. He thinks they are a waste of time.

Lisa Barone has an interesting article about the Microsoft and Rand rumours with all the spice and gossip. Check it out. And here’s what DaveN thinks about it.

On the Freelance folder, Ritu writes a great post on the 25 ways to become an effective freelancer.

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Webhosting Reality February 10, 2008

You said it well on the act of repeating an idea or concept. This is the same strategy used by global corporations. Despite worldwide awareness of a particular global product, there is an almost never ending bombardment of advertising.

Mike Huang February 10, 2008

Oh wow! I’m honored to have you as one of my readers :) I hope I’m doing everything good to keep you as a constant reader. Thanks for the plug!


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