Interview with the Founders of is a fairly new social bookmarking site that uses the slogan, “Like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better.”  It functions similar to Digg wherein users submit content and other users vote on it, and entries with many votes are more likely to make it to the front page and thus get more traffic. focuses on nine primary categories:

  1. Arts & Entertainment
  2. Design & Crafts
  3. Family & Parenting
  4. Fashion & Style
  5. Food & Home
  6. Internet & Technology
  7. Mind, Body & Spirit
  8. Travel & Leisure
  9. World & Business was founded by Gabrielle Blair, Laura Mayes and Laurie Smithwick in 2007 and already has 12,000 active members.  To help boost the content and activity on, the team behind the brand uses volunteer editors, which is an interesting concept to help keep the site fresh during its infancy.  Following is my interview with Gabrielle, Laura and Laurie that further describes the role of and the volunteer editors.

1. recently held a contest to find volunteer editors.  Does the end of the contest mark the end of open editor opportunities or is this an ongoing effort (i.e., can interested people get on the waiting list)?

While this is technically the end of the initial call-for-editors, we are open to all comers and will absolutely maintain a waiting list. sk*rt is always looking for editors since, really, everyone who visits sk*rt is an editor. The site is set-up so that anyone can add anything, anyone can vote stories up, and anyone can vote stories down. The new sk*rt editors are just a sample group that is volunteering to devote some time every day to looking out for new things and bringing them to the attention of the other users. What they’ll be doing isn’t really different from what any person who visits sk*rt can do — they will just have the power to push things up to the front page more quickly.

2. What makes Sk*rt unique from other social bookmarking sites?

When it comes to social bookmarking or social news ranking, sk*rt didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just reinvented the categories. The categories and topics represented on sk*rt aren’t covered on any other social bookmarking sites out there. And sk*rt users are fantastic. They’re smart, savvy and really plugged into the latest..latest news, looks, products, ideas, you name it.  They know what they like and are genuinely interested in what other like minds are finding out there.

3. Is Sk*rt just for women?

Of course not. But it was created by women for like minds.  I know tons of guys that browse it everyday, because the stories are cool, and maybe they also want to know what women are talking about. But, I mean, it is called sk*rt. Some people have said it’s for women and Scottish men.

4. What does the role of the editor entail?

Sk*rt editors will browse sk*rt and the rest of the web everyday for the coolest things out there, and then submit those to the new editors’ section on the front page.

5. What amount of time will the editor be required to commit each week?

That really depends on the editor. We’re thinking the editors will each put two to three items up a day. It’s pretty quick and easy to find two to three items, but it really depends on the editor’s style and speed. We’ve been doing this for about a half a year, and it’s second nature to us now. Anytime we find something cool online, we just submit it. Easy.

6. What will the editor receive in return for their time and effort?

Love, praise, shout outs and anything we else we can scrape together.  Probably cookies.

7. What are your long term goals for the editor role?

Long term, we want to keep growing our user base, because sk*rt is the users. We have about 12,000 registered users now, and as more users join, the site gets better and better. Daily users really get to know other users. For instance, I know that SweetSixteen always has great stories about fashion and entertainment, while PunditMom posts about the ins and outs of the Beltway, and Brinstar will have great technology news.

Following this trend, we believe editors will be somewhat segmented as well. An editor will emerge as the expert on politics, or entertainment, or weddings, or schooling options, etc. We don’t believe all sk*rt users are interested in all the topics on sk*rt. Our hope is that as our growing user base begins to identify with certain editors, their sk*rt experience will be that much more enriched by being able to go directly to the stories they are interested in reading.

If you write a blog that fits into one of the topic categories at, then this might be a great site to help you promote your blog, network with like-minded people and find great ideas for your blog.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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