How have you diluted your risk in blogging?

Ahha, so you thought there’s no risk involved in blogging? Thought everything is a rose bed road? Not really my friend.

Apart from the fun and money, blogging has it’s risks too. But smart bloggers dilute it out or spread the risk over many places so that they don’t lose the entire charm one day.

So what are the risks in blogging?

Mainly the risks involved in blogging affects the full time bloggers. Full time bloggers enjoy an easy lifestyle, when they are working at their convenience, making loads of money, staying at home, not needing to waste any energy at all. But many a times there are more risks involved in it that we imagined.

– The risk of job loss.
When full time bloggers will argue that there is nothing as job guarantee in this competitive world, full bloggers have the risk of running into a “no job” situation at one point of time. This happens when bloggers give more importance to just their own blogs and keep nothing to backup. Should your server crash or readers lose interest in you, you are going to be in a difficult situation if you don’t have anything to fall back to.

– The health risks.
Recent studies have shown that bloggers remain most of the time sedentary and indulge in no exercise, making them largely prone to health risks. To top it up, they are popular for unhealthy eating habits as well.

– The risk of being socially alienated.
Social networking happens online but most of the times, these social networking junkies never are sociable in the real world. Result – alienating from the rest of the real world and ending up in psychological traumas.

So blogging can be fun but at the same time if not mixed well with the real world and normal human behaviors can be a cancerous growth on you that can harm your life even without you knowing it.

So practice healthy blogging patterns, network socially in the real world, indulge in healthy eating habits and regular exercises. Dissolve and spread your risks to other forms of income and let it not just get accrued with blogging. So that should the hard times come, you have the luxury of falling back to something.


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