How To Use Analyzer Tool And Thereby Write Effective Headlines

I was browsing a forum and one of the members introduced me to a handy tool called Headline Analyzer. It is a free tool and does a pretty good work (even though not the best). I hear you asking me what the tool is all about. Without further ado, I’ll explain you about the tool which the member introduced to me and few others in the forum.

This is a Headline Analyzer tool and it analyzes the headline which you have written or decided to write and tells you how efficient it is. You can use the tool and write many headlines and use the best one. The tool will give you a result in percentage. What the system says is that normally gifted freelance writers have the ability to create headlines of 50%-70%.

How Does It Work?
They have done pretty good research and finally put up a system. The system will check for the emotional, emphatic, and eye-catchy words and then give you a result based on it. You can check on how it works here.

How To Improve?
This is easy to answer. All you have to do is, try typing different headlines and see which one gives the best score and use it. While you may not get above 80% at your first try, you can get above 50% with little hard work and also by reading Copyblogger’s series on how to write effective headlines. I first tried a headline (The best one I have written for my blog) which I used for my blog. I was surprised to see 66.67%. Not bad for the first try. I, then, tried one of the headlines which Brian Clark used in his blog. The result was 77.78%. But that was not his best headline.

Few Defects
Most of the things you use in life have its own advantages and disadvantages. Like that, this tool has few defects too. Try typing the following things and see the result:

I Love Google – 0%
Probably – 400%

Though the second one is not a headline, it is not something which can constitute a headline. Likewise, I Love Google can be a headline and in fact and eye-catchy headline but it gives 0%.

Overall the tool is good and when you type original headlines, it will give you the proper score. Try different headlines and see what score you get. Try the tool now. Are you able to hit the 50%-75%? If so, which headline did you use and got the result?


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