Blogging Bought Me….

By Elaine Ramos | Blogging

Jan 14

I was just thinking of what the topics which I could possibly write about blogging when it occured to me to think of the things or benefits which blogging have brought to me personally. Other bloggers have talked about blogging being able to provide a car for them and other really precious things.

This post is dedicated to the things or lessons which I have benefitted through blogging. Here are some of these things:

Blogging Bought Me a Laptop
-By some twist of fate, my desktop computer was hit by lightning courtesy of my broadband which left me computer-less and broadband-less. I was computing my blogging wages (which I have not yet withdrawn) and I was very happy that I would be able to buy a laptop because of my accumulated salary! One thing which I learned here is that saving all of the money from blogging first would be advisable because you would be able to buy something that would really be useful for you.

Blogging Bought Me my Internet Connection
-Here in the Philippines, having a fast Internet connection is preferrable than dial-up because when you rely on dial-up alone, you would need at least 30 minutes just to acccess Yahoo! Hence, having a faster Internet connection is needed and this is provided through blogging. 😀

Blogging Bought Me a Chance to Boost my Writing
-This is something which could not equate to any monetary benefits because the chance and exposure in blogging is something which you have to do on your own and the benefits or chances that you would encounter are really worthwhile.

How about you? What are the things that Blogging has already bought you? 😀

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Shankar Ganesh January 14, 2008


Monetary benefits – I've got 2GB of RAM for my PC with my earnings, and I'm saving up the rest of my earnings for future purposes – especially for higher studies. I'm also in thoughts of buying a Macbook (and that, if I ever save up that much money ; )

Speaking of other benefits, I've improved my skills in many areas, especially language. The best part is that a lot of people tell me I write good English and that really encourages me :)

Showbiz Intriga? Get January 14, 2008

wow..i subscribed to this feed, thru recommended feeds in google reader, and i thought this is like, a highly successful blog and then i just learned this today that you're all Pinoys! great stuff…comparable or even better than problogger. 💡

keep up the good work.

Larry Goodhue January 14, 2008

Blogging hasn't bought me anything yet…but boy have I learned a lot. Many late nights researching and throwing together posts. Feels like I am still in school. I'll give it six months and then let you know what it has bought me. :mrgreen:

Lee January 14, 2008

Freelancing/blogging has bought me more than anything more precious than cars and laptops. It has bought me time with my family and young children. There is not price that can be put on that.

SEONoobs.Com January 14, 2008

Blogging has brought me many, many experiences, and will probably continue to do so. I've lost money, made money, gained friends, and had many doors opened!


Online Marketing Age January 15, 2008

Blogging has brought me more clients that need blogs made and blog templates made.

Mario Andrade January 15, 2008

Unfortunately blogging hasn't bought me anything besides my hosting :(

m07 January 26, 2008

another good post.keep up the good work.

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