6 Plugins No WordPress Blog Should Be Without

By redwall_hp | WordPress Plugins

Jan 10

Most bloggers (who use WordPress) have their own unique assortment of plugins they find necessary for their blogs. Some use plugins to insert AdSense ads into their posts. Others install plugins to ease comment management. Still others use “Admin Themes” to customize their blogging experience.

While we all have our preferences for plugins, there are some that have nearly universal appeal. Most blogs can benefit from these six plugins:

  • Full Text Feed – Are you getting complaints that your RSS feed doesn’t have the full content of your articles? Full Text Feed makes sure that every word in your post makes it into the feed. By default, WordPress cuts-off the text in the spot where you place your <!–More–> tag.
  • Subscribe To Comments – It’s hard to remember every place you’ve left a comment. This plugin can notify commentors of replies, so they can come back and read the new responses.
  • WP AJAX Edit Comments – Oops… Did yuo just makw a typo? This helpful plugin allows readers to correct mistakes and update their comments within an adjustable time limit.
  • Share This Classic – The world of social bookmarking has exploded in the past couple years. As a result, more and more blogs have an overabundance of little icon-links for the bookmarking sites. Share This Classic lets you sweep them all into a collapsible menu, where they’re out of the way until they’re needed.
  • FeedBurner FeedSmith – Does anyone not use FeedBurner these days? This plugin redirects access from yourblog.com/feed/ to your FeedBurner feed. You want your stats to be as accurate as possible, right?
  • Related Posts – I’ve finished reading one of your posts…now what? This plugin displays a list of posts related to the current one. Some people prefer the similar (pun unintended) Similar Posts.

I find these plugins to be nearly essential for my blogs, though there are several others I really like as well. Which plugins do you find indispensable?

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Lee Robertson January 10, 2008

Good list. I would add the All in One SEO pack (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/) as well. It is not so much for readers, but it helps take care of some duplicate content issues and creates description and keyword tags. A great plugin for every blog.

How To Rule The Worl January 10, 2008

Great Article I will be looking into these ASAP

Katy January 10, 2008

Good list. And I have to agree that All In One SEO Pack should be added. But I also have to add in my own of the <a title="Google Sitemaps" href="http://www.arnebrachhold.de/projects/wordpress-plugins/google-xml-sitemaps-generator/&quot; rel="nofollow">Google XML Sitemaps Generator.

Wayne Liew January 11, 2008

I have all of them activated for my blog other than the Full Feed plugin but I guess I will give it a try next week with the resuming of the tags because visitors are lazy to scroll.

Google Sitemap and All-In-One SEO Plugin should be added as well. Also, I find Popular Posts and Contact Forms indispensable.

redwall_hp January 11, 2008

The All in One SEO Pack? I've heard of that, but I never got around to installing it. It sounds useful.

Katy, I like the XML Sitemaps Generator as well. But does it work with WP 2.3 yet? I had to disable it after upgrading to WordPress 2.3, because an error message would prevent me from posting anything. It's a great plugin.

paul January 11, 2008

i would also add the sitemap plugin and spam comment, like spam karma or akismet.

redwall_hp January 11, 2008

Akismet…isn't that obviously essential? I comes with WordPress, even! What a great plugin. Actually, one of the titles I considered for the post was "6 Plugins (Besides Akismet) That Your Blog Should Have." Maybe I should've recycled the "besides akismet" part and used it in the actual post.

Chanya January 12, 2008

I really like the "Brian's Threaded Comments" plugin since it lets me (as well as readers) respond to specific comments.

Great post!

Marius January 13, 2008

akismet rules but full text feed…i don’t know. is kinda slow. at least when i’ve tried it, it took up to an hour till the feed was updated. But that’s a great post though. Thanks!
Carpe Noctem!

J.F.H. January 13, 2008

SIX! Only 6. 😯

I have 18. And they ALL must be used.

Thanks for the list.

gedet basumatary April 28, 2008

I have missed one, thanks for putting this lists.

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