Does Social Networking Spikes Excite You?

To be quite frank I like social networking to an extent that they bring more traffic to your site and also enjoy it, but the fact that they also bring a huge amount of ego when there are spikes (hitting front pages) that turns better authors into egoistic authors.

What is your reaction when this happens to you?

Do you turn into egoistic authors who think they are the best because their page hit the front page of some Social Networking site, or do you provide your users with more content that can hit Social Networking Front Pages.

Here are few pointers that you always write to hit Social Networking Pages

You Do A Post Front Page Hit Analysis Of Social Networking Sites

Many users hit front page sites for the first time, that’s obviously great but why tell your readers about it?. Do you think they want to listen to how you handled your first Social Networking front page hit. If you were not that good do you think they would be listening to you and reading you?

Why would a reader want to know how you handled your back end when you hit the front page? Unless you are talking about blogging or how to blog it does not make sense that you talk about handling the back end when you hit the front pages of social networking sites.

My Take

I personally have never publicized my hitting the front pages of any social networking sites as I on the behind want to work on gaining more regular readers than spikes in traffic. I do love the traffic spikes but the fact that they can make you egoistic is what I hate.

As a Disclaimer I too ask others to provoke my stories or articles if they find it interesting but do no bask in the glory if it ever gets interesting in front of other people. I just go on to the next post telling readers about other interesting stuff rather than telling them about every hit I get from hitting a social networking front page.

Well If you check my blog I have talked about Page Rank updates etc but never Social Networking Front Page hits, I have got quite a few of them but that’s part of blogging and does not broaden my chest it helps me reach out to people for one day.

An Advice

When you hit the front pages of any social networking sites do not tell your readers about it, you are not above them and they do not want to listen about how you did it or how you handled it. You have to bask in the glory yourself and motivate yourself to write more posts just like the one that hit the front page to get more traffic spikes rather than getting excited and boring your users with stupid facts and statistics.

Well like always you can bust me in the comments or say something that proves my point. I am quite unhappy that even though you don’t have to register you do not use your right to say something. Yes Blogging Tips does not require you to register anymore to exercise your rights for free speech. Take a moment and tell me what you think about this post. Free Speech is here so exercise it.


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