A week in blogging Dec 15-21

The folks at Google Webmasters announced the new video sitemaps feature for webmasters last week, now you can help Google find all those videos stored at your website. Last week, the Live Search team made the Tafiti source code available. Tafiti is a search visualization website which brings a new user experience to researching (searching and storing results).

The AdSense team added a hide button in the “Manage Ads” page of the AdSense account, so that now it’s possible to hide the ads that are nor running or performing well from your dashboard.

Skellie writes an interesting article at Northeast about 15 remarkable ways to thanks your readers this festive season.

Caroline Middlebrook, writes a thought provoking article about how to blog when your work loses it’s meaning. She writes about coping with your personal or other problems and blogging. It’s an interesting read.

Garry, wrote an interesting article on domain names that make you money, where he helps readers find a good domain for their blog. Garry has some good suggestions there. Do check it out.

Tay Fuller writes an interesting list on 10 ways to blog by inspiration and be successful.Good read if you are missing those creative juices to blog. Jack Humphrey writes an equally interesting article on building your social media empire in 10 steps. Good read for all those Social Media enthusiasts like me.

David at Pureblogging wrote a remarkable article on communication styles, how men and women blog differently.You’ll enjoy this article. And Rocky, at blogging mix writes about why you should use your own domain name, al old thought but fresh perspectives here. 

Have a great week ahead 🙂


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