5 Warning Signs You Are a Blogaholic

Admit it. It’s OK, you’re around friends. You’re addicted to blogging. There, now doesn’t that feel better? Admitting you’re a blogaholic is the first step to recovery. (Well, if you want to be cured, that is. I don’t.)

In case you’re still in denial, here are the warning signs you are a blogaholic:

  1. Everything in your life is a potential blog post. In fact, you’re reading this right now trying to think of a way this applies to your blog so you can blog about it. If you can’t do that, you’re wondering if there are warning signs for your blog that would be fun to write.
  2. You don’t update family members and friends about your life anymore. When they complain, you send them the link to your personal blog. If they say they would like to actually talk to you, you remind them that they should comment on your blog. (You also urge them to subscribe to your feed to boost your Feedburner numbers.)
  3. You already write for five blogs, but you still find you can’t resist applying when you see a posting for a blog that is hiring. After all, you are sooooo qualified!
  4. You have all your blogs claimed on Technorati, and you have a desktop widget to alert you whenever someone links to one of your blogs.
  5. You guest blog so much that you’ve started wondering if you could create an RSS feed of your various guest blog posts. Then, you wonder if you could create a widget on your personal blog with that feed.

Have you noticed any other warning signs that you or someone you know is a blogaholic?


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