Using Your Personal Blog As A Niche Blog, Big NO NO

By Keith Dsouza | Blogging

Dec 17

I have come across exceptional bloggers who are not only good at what they write about but also have a regular following. The only problem is that most of these exceptional bloggers come with personal domain names. I never came around to telling them to move to a new domain name but thought it would be more appropriate talking about it here at Blogging Tips.

I personally started blogging about technology on my personal domain but realized within a couple of months that it was not working out as expected. The first thing I did was to buy a domain related to the niche I wrote about. From then till now I have had lots of things done for my new blog. I am even able to put a plan in place where I can expand the blog with new authors contributing.

Taking Blogging Tips as an example it has numerous people writing for it. Would you be able to do that if you owned a personal domain? The biggest problem with having personal blog that targets a niche is that when you tend to expand it never works out.

Talking about things, I would want you to know why personal domain name should not be used as niche blogs. Having a focus on a long term plan is the best way to avoid problems when you are peaking in the blogging world.

Personal Blogs Cannot Expand In The Niche

Well coming to a critical point when you want to expand your personal blog how do you do it? What will you pitch to advertisers? Can you expect advertisers to put up advertisements on blogs that have your personal name in it.

Advertisers are always looking for keywords and they would rather advertise on a blog that has those.

Also would it make sense to have a forum on a personal blog? Can you create sub-domains for them? There are quite a lot of questions that go unanswered. Quite a few bloggers like John Chow and JohnTP have taken personal domain names to a new level, but everyone is not equipped with marketing skills as John Chow has and not all can expand into a new vertical.

When you use personal blogs to write about niches be aware that you can not cross verticals that would have been possible using niche related blogs with non personal domains. To justify what I am saying look at other blogs in your niche and see how they are expanding. Now try to get to use the same solution for your own personal blog. Isn’t it difficult?

Personal Blogs Should Be Personal

When you start a new blog with your own name in it, keep it personal. Never use your personal blog to promote your niche. Remember one thing once you do that you are stuck with it. One fine day you would think "hey I want to do something new for this niche" but how? Can you promote the new idea to users who want to hear about the niche?

I use my personal blog as a place where I write about anything under the hood. Sometimes when I want to write about atrocities I use my own personal blog. To keep it short I use my personal blog to let out my feelings.

I will never use my personal blog to write about a niche and also want to advocate to you that if you are trying to start blogging never use your personal blog for blogging about a niche.

Users Don’t Take Personal Blogs Seriously

When you are writing about a niche and land up in Search top pages many users would be inclined to click on links that have a related keyword in the domain.

For example a personal domain called talks about using a particular recipes and another result which has recipes in the domain name. Which result would you click on the personal blog one or the domain related to the recipes?

Making it more simpler users would not want to look at solutions on personal blogs they tend to find it more on niche related blogs. You may have a regular reader base and that may be where it ends.

Social Networking Abuses

If you have ever had your personal blog land up in social networking site check out the comments specifically Digg. The users there tend to abuse when any interesting information comes from a personal blog.

This may not always be true but if your post gets dugg make sure to check the comments.


Talking about personal blogs I am of a strong opinion that you should never build personal blogs as niche blogs. Mind you there may be quite a lot of following and quite a lot of comments but when the time comes to expand it you will never get through. There are quite a few personal blogs that are much more than what you call popular but my opinion about them is that they are stuck and cannot expand.

Having a niche related blog allows you to expand seamlessly without having to worry about things. To state a reality if your personal blog talks about potatoes and there is a domain that only talks about potatoes and is dedicated to only talking about it, which site would be able to easily move to talking about potatoes from various countries?

Think about it, if you are new to blogging you can easily avoid a problem you will eventually face when you have been established. As per me never use a personal blog to write about a niche.

Whatever I have said above is my own opinion and I am not against having personal blogs as niche blogs. I only quoted from my own experience.

If you feel I wrote something wrong there is a comment form just one scroll below use that to shower your abuses on me. I mean don’t use bad words you will be blocked out by the spam filter but do let me know your opinions. I am just another blogger who has his own thoughts, listening to yours makes me happy. So whatever you want to say use the comment form and I will try to respond to each of the comments.

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Michael Martine December 17, 2007

Great point, Tyler. I noticed a big difference before I changed the name of my blog from Michael Martine to Remarkablogger: traffic and subscribers went up and are still going up.

JamieO December 17, 2007

Thanks for the tipinsight. I'm working towards a major re-design of my site and was already thinking about using a more inspiring domain than last name . com so to speak.

What are your thoghts about operating a blog on the same domain as services offered + portfolio are prominantly featured? I believe that in addition to one driving potential business to the other, it reinforces the notion that a person (or company) is knowledgeable in about their industry and best practices within it.

How about for non-technical industry sites?

Mike Olbinski December 17, 2007

Well, this is an interesting blog post, prompting me to register so I can comment, and hopefully get some help.

My blog is at "" and while it turned out as sort of a personal blog, it's really been getting busier as an overall source for entertainment news that I find interesting, plus other random things.

Now, is that blog URL bad for that or not? It's not like it's my full name, but it has my first name in it.

What do you think?

Keith Dsouza December 17, 2007

Hey Mike,

There is not hard and fast rule to say that a personal blog writing about niche will fail. The only reason why I adviced against using personal domain names as niche blogs is that when your site grows you will hit against a wall when you try to expand it.

That said there are lots of blogs which have succeded even they have personal domain names.

But there are far and few in between. If you check the Technorati Top 100 blogs you will see there are lot less blogs which have their own personal name and most of those are from famous people.

Mike Olbinski December 17, 2007

I think the interesting thing for myself a lot of the time is that I tend to not care about the name as much as the content that it has inside it.

That's just me though…if I found a blog by someone named and it was just a dude named Scott who loved to talk about things I loved, then I'd probably subscribe.

I see your point though…you never know what people will like.

Michael Martine December 17, 2007

Keith, I have no idea why I wrote "Tyler" in my previous comment! Nevermind that. 😆

@Jamie: As far as "operating a blog on the same domain as services offered + portfolio", it's a more and more frequent occurrence. Blogs are in fact replacing "normal" websites, and in some cases they're losing their "blogginess" to appear more like conventional websites. This is what we normally think of as a business blog, and many businesses (especially businesses of one, such as freelancers) have experienced business success by using their blog to their advantage.

Blogging Tips January 25, 2008

I couldnt agree more, get yourself a new domain and start building!

The Red Kites May 30, 2008

I think your right with your point. I will follow the tings you did s my guide :smile:

moserw July 29, 2008

I think it all comes down to the content and how it speaks to the readers/visitors. It is possible to have a niche blog on your personal blog, but what happens when the niche runs out or you want to change niche? Then it will become difficult to start all over again on your personal blog. Its better to let a personal blog remain for personal blogging.

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