Increase Page Views And Interaction With Polls

I always like quality traffic over quantity. If 1000 people visit your blog only once and 10 subscribe, it is not the best traffic. But what if you get 500 people to your blog and 35 subscribe and few others also return to your blog? Surely the latter is what you want. In order to turn at least 5% of the poor quality visitors to readers of your blog, you need to interact with them. One best way, which I like, is adding polls to your blog.

It Increases Interactivity
For every blog, interactivity is very important. All the visitors won’t comment the first time. First you have to make them to take some action in your blog. For this purpose you can add a poll
which will require no information from the visitor except the answer. By this way, the user will feel comfortable to act in your blog. In a few days, they will also start to comment in your blog and thereby result in interaction.

It Increases Page views
Your blog page views will increase when you use polls. The first time visitors will take their time to reply to the poll and this will lead to increase in page views. I have tried adding a poll in one of my blogs and it significantly increased the number of page views. When you create a poll, let it be a question that everyone would love to answer. Place the poll in a place where it would be visible to everyone without scrolling. Darren also has polls running in his blog. It is more than a poll actually and to be appropriate, the ones in Problogger blog are surveys.

Two best website which you can use to create polls for your blog are:
1. Poll Daddy polls: I used this for my blog and the polls work very well.

2. Vizu polls: This used to be very good for making money by displaying polls. Though they have had few changes. Still Vizu is a good site to create polls for your blog.

Here are few tips to get question ideas for the poll:
1. Go to forums and see what everyone is asking
2. Ask a question for which you always wanted to know the best answer
3. Ask a question related to your blog
4. Ask general questions
5. Ask them to vote on how good your blog content is

Have you ever tried adding poll to your blog? Did it increase the interactivity? Please share it in comments.


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