A week in blogging Dec 07 – 15

It’s nearing the end of this year and a lot of cool things are cooking up for 2008. Let’s see what happened last week at the Blogosphere.

There were many writeups focused on what happened in 2007, and the evaluations. One that I found interesting is this post from David Armano, where he does an evaluation on the happenings at Social Media in 2007 and predicts that 2008 is going to be an year of Mobile Media. I’ll have to agree with David partly, and hope his prediction comes true. It was a nice write up anyway.

And there was this cool write up from Steven at Vandelay Design on the perfect equation for explosive blog growth, where he emphasizes on the importance of networking and social media.

JD Rucker wrote an interesting article on his blog, illustrating the difference between Digg and Stumble Upon traffic. A short article that is, but sweet.

Wayne Liew wrote a good article on tweaking the categories of your blog for better navigation. There are some practical tips there you may have to implement on your blog.

Zac Johnson has a nice list of the best designed websites of 2007. Jon from Freelance Folder has an interesting article where he has some practical tips to freelancers on managing money while getting work and otherwise.

Stuart from Earner’s blog has a nice article on AdWords Keyword Flipping. Where he describes what keyword flipping is, how it works and how well can you do it. Definitely worth a read.

Amit has a post featuring all the popular video bloggers of 2007. Jonathan Simon from Google Webmasters have a detailed article on making good use of the content analysis feature in your webmasters account.

There are more “Review 2007” articles out there we are looking for, so if you wrote one today, do let us know we may compile up all the “best of 2007” articles here in the coming weeks.


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