When You Just Can’t Write

It’s coming to the end of the year. Family demands are going to exponentially increase. Work commitments are largely unchanged. Pressure mounts. Caffeine intake quadruples. Words … fail …

Actually, as yet I haven’t had the words not come but I have admittedly had a few close calls.

Hence this week at my own blog I have been writing about how to come up with blog post ideas.  Here and now though I want to share with you the real secret, the number one tip for generating post ideas.


Yes, in the majority of cases getting brain-cramp is down to too much pressure. Releasing the pressure for even a short while (while remembering we all have deadlines at some point) can work wonders.

Make yourself a coffee, go for a walk, watch some silly YouTube videos, anything to take your mind off. If it is your own blog, consider not posting today and sleeping on it.

The simple fact is the more you try to force a muse, the less likely you will create something brilliant. Remember it is very rare to find a case where if you do not post to a blog today someone gets hurt 😉



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