A week in blogging – Nov 30- Dec 06

Quite a lot happening around eh?

Did you see the Top search terms of 2007 released by Yahoo guys? If you are a make money online guy, you might want to check it out and get some wicked ideas for a new site. I’ve picked a few myself 😉

MyBlogLog competition for the blog with maximum membership growth has been declared. Survival of the feedest is the winner with 477 new members. Another contest at AdSense was wrapped up the other day. It was the AdSense story contest, and Hometips.com won the contest. Details here.

There is a whole new cool theme in town – WPRemix. It has a flexible design and almost 20 layouts to play around with. A real good one. It is  a premium theme by the way.

Blog Perfume has come out with a cool tool that will help you get more out of your feedburner feed. It helps you to analyze your feed in depth and get stats on the fly. Check out Feed Analysis V1.0 here.

Marko Novak is giving away free homepage 125×125 ads on his blog, you can win them by doing a review about his blog. Find details here. Novak, do we get one spot?

Darren reports that his AdSense earnings from other blogs have kept steady despite the recent clickable zone changes. Many had anticipated a huge dip in earnings but fortunately it haven’t affected in a big way yet. But as Darren says, it’s too early to comment.

Nate Whitehill wrote an interesting story on his experiences with Facebook, where he reveals why he prefers facebook to myspace. I think many would agree with you Nate.

There has been a few posts on cashquests, after that big sale and a long gap..there’s an interesting one where you can sell your discounted ads to cashquests readers.

Last, I had released a free blog directory at my blog to help out young budding bloggers to get some google juice and get their blogs spotted. Within days of it’s release, there are already around 90 submissions. So if you’d like to add your blog, you may do it now.

That wraps it up. Hope I didn’t miss anything this time, if you spotted something do let me know and I’ll add it in the next round up.


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