A Dilemma Of Niches

Every now and then you may have the urge to write about a niche that you do not follow on your blog, something that is not even remotely related to your blog at all. You may want to share a recipe you just made but your blog is about dancing. You may have just learnt the best way to save the world but your blog is about aliens.

The above examples are exaggerations but sometimes you feel the urge to write about something that you feel passionate about but because of the restrictions of niche blogging you cannot post it on your own blog because of the fear of losing readers.

I for one am a victim of the same urge and that’s why you see this post out here for which I am very thankful to Kevin.

I am a technology blogger but I always wanted to write about blogging, my urges were uncontrollable and I tried my best not to write on my own blog because I would end up having a blog that would be something about everything.

Imagine seeing this post on a technology blog. Would it make any sense? Would it be useful to readers who are coming to your blog for technology related information?

The answer to both these questions are NO. The big dilemma is to figure out a simple way how you can fulfill your urges and still write about different niches. We will see how it can be accomplished in the rest of the post.

Create A New Blog For A Diffrent Niche

This is the most simplest and safest alternative. If you have a itch to write about another niche start another blog. But before you can do that answer these few questions.

Are you going to write as passionately about the new niche as your current one?

Will you be able to dedicate atleast few hours every week to the new blog?

Are you willing to sustain costs for the new blog with minimal returns?

If you do not answer two out of the above three in affirmative then creating a new blog is not the right solution for you. When you create a new blog you have to give time and dedicaiton to it. If you are creating a new blog just because you have an urge to write about a different niche then you are going to lose all your investments in you new blog.

This option should only be followed by those who are serious about the new niche or have some plans where the blog will be regularly maintained.

Now what if you are not able to fulfill the above requirements what do you do? There are is another option which we will talk about.

Guest Blogging

Once you have a urge do not wait, write up the posts and store it somewhere. Search for blogs for the niche you want to write in, contact those bloggers and make friends with them and tell them about your blog. Ask them if they would allow you to guest blog on their blog.

Remember you have the posts you wrote up to send them as samples. Once someone asks you for samples send it to them. If they like it they will publish it. In addition look out for bloggers who are looking out for bloggers to write for them. To do this search Google for “looking for niche bloggers” without the quotes. Replace niche with the what you are looking to write for.

You will get lots of results in the searches go through them and contact the owners of the blog. If they respond back send them your samples and let them guage you. Remember you are starting in a new niche so someone has to rate you.

If you are good at the other niche you will definitely get lots of chances to write but remember that you have to fulfill your obligations too.

Fun Blogging

If you are not serious about the new niche you want to write about and don’t want to write for any other site open up a free blog with blogger or wordpress and rant on. There is no restrictions on it, keep writing till you want to. This is one way of being able to write about things you want to but cannot do on your own blog. You may also use the posts you write to send to sites as samples for guest blogging.

I bet there are lots of other ways you can do this and that can only be known if you tell us with your comments. There are thousands of people who want to know about this so leave your comments and let them know about it.


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