Write Posts In Advance – Especially Freelance Writers

It is a good practice to write posts well in advance. I have been blogging for the past 6 months and I’m doing freelance writing for the past 2 months. I learned from my freelance writing jobs that it is always better to write posts well in advance. As a freelance writer, you need to write post in advance. You will be designated a schedule to which you have to stick. Even normal bloggers should follow this tip for the following reasons:

1. You Might Not Get Content Ideas
When you are blogging in hurry, you might not get content idea. Though there are many ways to get content ideas, you cannot surely get a good idea when you write at the last moment.

2. Not Providing Enough Information
Blogging at the last moment will make you post consist of less information. In hurry you will forget to write the important information. Images are very important for certain types of posts. When you are blogging at the last moment, you will not be able to add the perfect photo to the post, which will decrease the content juice. There are many things, which will make a good post better. If you are in hurry, you are sure to miss the important ones in them.

3. Commit Blunders
You article might be great and you might expect it to do great. But when you write it at the last moment, you will do mistakes like not closing the bold tag and not closing the italicize tag. Though most bloggers proof read there post before posting and also preview it, few posts exist with these mist To avoid them, you have to write posts in advance.

4. Some Other Important Work
You might have decided to write a post just one hour before the scheduled time. What if you are assigned to a new job at that time? Which one will you do? Will you write the post or do the other job? If you have to write a post in your blog, then you might leave it and do the other job. But what if it is a freelance writing job? Surely you cannot skip the freelance post. You have to stick to the time schedule.

Do you write posts well in advance? Or do you write them one or two hours before the scheduled time? Have you ever felt that your post hasn’t received the expected attention because you wrote the post at the last moment? What other reasons makes you to write posts well in advance? Please share it in comments.


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