Getting Out Of Bloggers Block Or Whatever With Ease

There are many times when you eventually cease to think, no new ideas come up and there is nothing you can write home about. These are times when you need to stop and think what went wrong.

What people call Bloggers Block may not eventually be that, you may have tons of ideas but no time at all. You could get sick and lose interest in blogging. You may eventually say that I am giving so much time to blogging I have to look at other things now.

These things happen and eventually you succumb to the pressures of losing your blog readers, losing traffic and much more.

I for one had a similar experience a year back and I completely stopped blogging for 6 months, there was no bloggers block it was my ambitions to grow bigger in what I did that stopped me from blogging, there were too many other things I had to do which were far more important than blogging.

In the process not only did I lose my blog ranking with a drop in PR and other rankings. I also lost out on lots of revenue. I won’t exactly state the ambitions I had to achieve but once that was achieved I thought about reviving my blog from ground zero to a top ranking blog that I have today.

I would like to shower a few tips on how I did it.

Start Commenting On Similar Blogs

Well this may be a known trick, but after a long break from blogging this was something that would let people know that I am back. Even before I could write a new post I visited lots of blogs which were similar to my niche and began communicating with them via comments.

Do not post irrelevant comments like “nice post” “i knew this but i use that”, try and read through and praise, criticize or straightforward tell them its wrong. Eventually I did everything I could to make up for what I lost by commenting on other blogs.

Visit other commentators blogs and leave relevant comments on them. Subscribe to follow up comments on the blogs so that you can know what others are saying. If you see someone has posted a remark on your comment go back and reply to it.

This is one exercise that will get you into the groove for writing. Do this at least for a week before you actually write your first post.

Link To Other Blogs In Your Posts

Once you start writing again not many people may take notice of you, but worry not. Create a post that links to good posts from other bloggers. The incoming links on their blogs will eventually get you noticed and you will start receiving comments from them. Many of them may also subscribe to your feeds.

Garner as many friends you can in your niche, they are the ones who will link back to you and introduce you to new readers.

Join Link Trains

Well since I left blogging for 6 months no one actually invited me to join a link train, so I invited myself in. I practically joined 3-4 link trains I was uninvited into for the first couple of weeks.

The plus point is that if this link train is good enough people will start noticing you and visiting your blog. Do not just join any link train you have to make the right choices there too.

Though after a period of time I completely ceased from joining link trains.

Write For Group Writing Projects

If a top blogger is running a group writing project make sure you have an entry in that. Not only does that test your writing skill. It eventually garners you more traffic and exposure. I took part in a group writing project conducted by Darren from and that post ended up being one of my most popular posts for 2 months with good traffic.

When your writing for group writing projects you are not going to lose much, so give it a try and you will be overwhelmed with the results you achieve.

Do Not Write Ten Posts A Day

One mistake people make after returning to blogging after a long period of time is writing multiple articles each day some as much as 10. There is no point in hamming down content when you are still in the process of gaining readers. Instead write minimal posts per week maybe less than one each day.

Ideally start with fewer articles per week. Let the readers gauge you first let the comments flow into every article you write.

Once you are sure that people are noticing your posts start writing more frequently, but do not overwhelm them. Try to slowly and steadily get a foothold. A good post without a comment is more worse than a bad post with a comment.

Engage readers more to comment on your posts rather than stuffing down content down their throat. You are not one of them until others think so. You have to start slowly and gain readers before trying to write more aggressively.

Last But Not The Least, Do Not Lose Heart

Try your best, remember its not the mistake of the readers in the first place and you have to woo them back. You will succeed with trying but never leave hope. That your back is the biggest gain for your readers. Try and you will eventually succeed. I can give my own example of trying to get back after 6 months of sabbatical. I succeeded in that but it eventually took some efforts from my end too.

If you have any other ways we should know, please let us know. It will benefit those who want to make a new start. Looking forward to your views with your comments.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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