How NOT To Monetize Your Blog

Blogs can be a good money maker if monetized properly. Few bloggers try to over-monetize their blog and as a result they lose their readers. In order not to lose your blog’s readers, you have to monetize in such a way that doesn’t disturb a reader. You can also try the “5 ‘Less Used’ Ways To Increase Subscribers” to get more subscribers for your blog. So here’s how you should not monetize your blog:

1. Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders
Pop ups are the most irritating ad in my opinion. If your blog has a pop up ad, then I’m not going to return to your blog. These pop up ads, not only irritates the reader by acting as a
disturbance but it also earns less money. Do you want to lose your subscribers for a few dollars?

2. Too Many Paid Reviews
Paid reviews are one of the best way to make money online. If you have a good PR blog, then you can get high paying reviews. There are many sites like Payperpost, ReviewMe, Sponsored Reviews, Smorty, Blogsvertise etc. Payperpost allows a maximum of three posts per account per day. If you are going to take three opportunities per day, then your blog will be like “A Diary Of Paid Content.” Ideal number of paid reviews for a blog would be anywhere between 1 and 2 posts a week.

3. Irrelevant Reviews
When you take reviews, you will be offered review opportunities for sites like Casino, Mortgages and others which might be irrelevant to your blog. The price every review offers will be tempting but, you should not take those reviews. Wait for a review of something which is related to your niche and then grab the opportunity when there is one.

4. Slow Loading Ads
When I visit a site, few money making ad widgets load very slow that I lose my patience and move to some other blog/site. Many bloggers and readers are of this kind. If your blog is not loading in certain time, I’m not going to visit it. Check your blogs loading speed everyday and if you find an ad running slow and making the reload time more, then remove those ads.

5. Displaying Ads From All Ad Networks
Few blogs try to monetize using many ad networks. I have seen bloggers who use AdSense, Bidvertiser, Shopping Ads, and Widget Bucks in the same blog at the same time. This, not only creates a bad impression, but also sends readers off your blog. If your blog is stuffed full of ads, then nobody is going to click it and as a result you are not going to earn much. So remove the ads and display ads belonging to only one network.

What monetizing technique do you use? Have you over-monetized your blog any time? Do you visit those blogs that do any of the above things frequently? Please share it in the comments.


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