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How NOT To Monetize Your Blog

Posted by on 17th Nov 2007 | 16 comments

Blogs can be a good money maker if monetized properly. Few bloggers try to over-monetize their blog and as a result they lose their readers. In order not to lose your blog’s readers, you have to monetize in such a way that doesn’t disturb a reader. You can also try the “5 ‘Less Used’ Ways To Increase Subscribers” to get more subscribers for your blog. So here’s how you should not monetize your blog:

1. Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders
Pop ups are the most irritating ad in my opinion. If your blog has a pop up ad, then I’m not going to return to your blog. These pop up ads, not only irritates the reader by acting as a
disturbance but it also earns less money. Do you want to lose your subscribers for a few dollars?

2. Too Many Paid Reviews
Paid reviews are one of the best way to make money online. If you have a good PR blog, then you can get high paying reviews. There are many sites like Payperpost, ReviewMe, Sponsored Reviews, Smorty, Blogsvertise etc. Payperpost allows a maximum of three posts per account per day. If you are going to take three opportunities per day, then your blog will be like “A Diary Of Paid Content.” Ideal number of paid reviews for a blog would be anywhere between 1 and 2 posts a week.

3. Irrelevant Reviews
When you take reviews, you will be offered review opportunities for sites like Casino, Mortgages and others which might be irrelevant to your blog. The price every review offers will be tempting but, you should not take those reviews. Wait for a review of something which is related to your niche and then grab the opportunity when there is one.

4. Slow Loading Ads
When I visit a site, few money making ad widgets load very slow that I lose my patience and move to some other blog/site. Many bloggers and readers are of this kind. If your blog is not loading in certain time, I’m not going to visit it. Check your blogs loading speed everyday and if you find an ad running slow and making the reload time more, then remove those ads.

5. Displaying Ads From All Ad Networks
Few blogs try to monetize using many ad networks. I have seen bloggers who use AdSense, Bidvertiser, Shopping Ads, and Widget Bucks in the same blog at the same time. This, not only creates a bad impression, but also sends readers off your blog. If your blog is stuffed full of ads, then nobody is going to click it and as a result you are not going to earn much. So remove the ads and display ads belonging to only one network.

What monetizing technique do you use? Have you over-monetized your blog any time? Do you visit those blogs that do any of the above things frequently? Please share it in the comments.

I'm a blogger at www.bloggingtune.com and I write about blogging, effective writing and making money online. My content have also appeared in Performancing.com, DailyBlogTips.Com and FreelanceFolder.Com. I'm freelance writer for hire.

16 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Money Masher on 17th Nov 2007

    Thanks for the list. It seems to all boil down to content:ad ratio.

  • Posted by Michael on 17th Nov 2007

    Only one ad service eh? Hmm.. I stick to two right now – AdSense and WidgetBucks. I can see more than two becoming annoying but once source may be pushing it.

  • Posted by Ramkarthik on 17th Nov 2007

    Money Masher, Thanks for your comment.

    MIchael, If you are using two then optimize it in a way which will not disturb your readers. But more than 2 is not good.

  • Posted by Michael on 17th Nov 2007

    I cut back my ads and my income remains the same. Not including "Paid Reviews" of course.

    I think having a targeted ad campaign works best.


  • Posted by Bobby Rio on 17th Nov 2007

    At one point i cluttered my blog with adsense, adbright, and various banners… then i realized i was making like $2000 a month off of affilate ebooks i was text linking to in reviews.. and like $75 off adsense.. so i said the hell with it and elimitated everything but the text links and one rotating banner of amazon books i recommend.

    seems to work out better and looks a lot nicer

  • Posted by Shankar Ganesh on 17th Nov 2007

    Good points. Pop Ups are really annoying, I can't imagine myself reading a blog with pop ups, I just close the tab and exit.

    And irrelevant reviews are just boring, I've recently unsubscribed from a few blogs that wrote about nothing other than some paid reviews.

  • Posted by Ramkarthik on 17th Nov 2007

    Michael, Indeed Targeted campaign works best. Good point.

    Bobby, Its great to know that when you removed those ads, it looks better in your blog.

    Shankar, Yes I have been seeing few blogs which are doing paid reviews and nothing else. I normally don't subscribe to all blogs and instead visit them. Now I have cut short my list of blogs which I visit and the blogs which I eliminated are the ones which do any of the above things.

  • Posted by david on 17th Nov 2007

    how many ads should one display per page?

  • Posted by Ramkarthik on 17th Nov 2007

    David, It depends on many things. The type of blog you have, the theme you have, the way your readers think of ads and few other things matter. There are blogs which display many ads in such a way that it doesn't bother the readers. What I have seen in many blogs is this type of advertising:

    4 125X125 banners

    A couple of AdSense blocks

    Sometimes a banner in the top

    Though I don't recommend everyone to follow that method. As I said it depends on various factors. :smile:

  • Posted by Tay - Super Blogging on 23rd Nov 2007

    Great post and great advice. Sometimes I do write paid reviews that are off topic, but I do tie them in to topics I would have written about anyway.

    For example, for the holidays I wrote one about flameless candles and how they help with the issues of safety. I probably would have written about the holidays anyway, and earning money is always a plus. The thing is, just never overdo it!

  • Posted by Jack on 3rd Jan 2008

    In 2007 I saw my monetized blog crash and burn, so I rethought my whole income strategy and at first cut all ads, then began adding in one or two unintrusive ads.

    Right now I have a paid links box, which I am considering ditching due to no takers, and I write a fair amount of paid reviews too, but my blog is a general blog so most topics are more or less on subject. I'm not making a fortune from it, but I am still only a PR 2. I am hoping to build this into a larger and larger income through 2008!

    By the way, isn't it annoying when you see review offers that say "Do not mention this is a sponsored review"?

  • Posted by Flimjo on 5th Jun 2008

    There are a few blogs I've been on that do A LOT of paid reviews. I guess some of the products or services they review are pretty good, but a lot just are not related to the reasons why I frequent those blogs. I want information and useful content. I agree that, when I see a bunch of paid reviews, I just exit out of the page. :cool:

  • Posted by Siam Sunshine on 2nd Sep 2008


    'How NOT To Monetize Your Blog'


    Definitely DON'T have popups/unders, at the first sign of those I'm straight away looking for the 'back' button.

    Siam Sunshine

  • Posted by MaCo on 22nd Sep 2008

    I am new be here and I already started to write many contents for my website for my website. your article is very useful for me as it can guide me to not over monetizing my blog. thank you.

  • Posted by Steven-Sanders on 2nd Oct 2008

    I don't agree with the part about only using one type of ad. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you are doomed for failure.

    What happens when your making bank on adsense and then Google decides to ban you from using adsense anymore? Then you've lost your whole revenue stream.

    You should always have ads from a wide variety of places. Just don't stuff them all into the same area. Spread them out and only put them in places that compliment your design.

  • Posted by Beeterync on 19th Dec 2008

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