Get Over The My Best Post Syndrome

I wrote the best post of my life but it was not appreciated at all. I did not even get one comment on it, neither did I get any visitors what do I do?

How many times do you ask this question to yourself?

Remember one thing that your best post is only the best post to yourself and no one else. You as a writer will always think that what you wrote is the best but others would not.

What is My Best Post Syndrome?

Every time you have a killer post, while writing it you would have thoughts that this will hit the Digg front page, this will be in all the top blogs references. Sadly when you get up next day you see that no one has barely visited, lest your regular readers haven’t even commented on that post.

There are many reasons why you may feel let down, you may have put in the best effort and endless hours of researching to write the post. You may have been up late in the night to make sure everything is fine and all your facts are correct but eventually no one noticed your hard work and your best post ended up as a so so post.

Many bloggers face this problem and eventually lose heart to write, even I had faced the same when I was a young blogger, the dejection, the hurt and much more. But you always have to bounce back. That is what can make you a better blogger. Learning from mistakes is the best lesson.

Tackling the Best Post Syndrome

Getting dejected will not get you anywhere, you need to stand up and start fighting again. You can easily find out from your friends and regular readers what you did wrong and take corrective measures to improve on it.

If you wrote about something popular go back to search engine and search for something similar that has been written about and compare your own work with others. Find out where you went wrong and make amends to it.

You have to get over it and start writing more vigorously, make amends and continue writing. Your most unexpected posts always turn out to be the best.

As a post script I would suggest do not write taking in heart that someone else will like it. Always love what you write, the appreciation will follow. You cannot become a great blogger overnight. It takes time and patience to achieve something and it is the same with blogging. Get over with the Best Post Syndrome and start writing like there is no tomorrow.

If you have your own way of tackling your best post syndrome do share it with our readers using the comments form.


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