Starting a Free Blog? or

You have just heard about blogging and want to start it yourself. First of all welcome to the world of blogging.

People may tell you that having your own domain is the best option, but making the investment to buy your own domain and your own web hosting sounds a bit tough at the start specially when you just want to blog for fun.

If you are one of the people who think that investing so much so early into your blogging career is not right and you are just blogging for the fun of it, there are many choices that will not only give you a free blogging platform but also allow you to blog free of cost.

I will talk about the top two blogging platforms and compare how they fare against each other so that you can make a choice between them. The main reason is that even though you are blogging for fun, you should not regret something once you have started it.

I will be comparing and and pick a winner between both of these, the ultimate winner would be who you would choose to start blogging with, there are no winners I can pick out of the platforms only bring forth something that you can eventually base your choice on.

Ease of Use


WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging. All you have to do is write and publish. There are a whole lot of features with WordPress that at first glance will look alien but after that once you start using it you will feel so much at ease that you will never look back on how hard it was the first time.

If you want to complement your blog with images you can do so quickly right within the comfort of the editor. So if your sharing your birthday pictures or your pictures from a recent trip, provides you with the best options to showcase it.

You can also easily upload videos and slide shows and display it to the world.

Well the same options are available in Blogger too, but when we are talking about ease of use none of them are visible to the users. You have to force them to show you these options to either upload a image or a video by clicking on the editor button.

This is something new bloggers will have no clue about and which the blogger platform does not consider to be important.

Expansion and Extensibility

Verdict: Both are losers

When you come up against themes and plugins both are sore losers. They only allow you to expand as much as they think is appropriate. If you want to expand beyond that you are doomed. Both these platforms limit your choices to their own choices.

Editing Presentation

Verdict: has a lot more options but lesser options than you would like to have, they lack the feature to edit your HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) thus disallowing you to make any changes in the way you want to change the looks of your site and adding any more additional options into your blog in short they restrict you from making any changes to your core pages.

They have an optiont to edit HTML but still you still need to know what gibberish they have in their html pages. Having a look at it made me go spinning. I am a programmer since last 7 years and the HTML i see there is sorely lacking any definition that would be easy to understand.



There are no options here, you cannot advertise on a blog.

A hands down winner when you want to make money from your free blog. Blogger platform allows you to use AdSense and other ads or banners without any restrictions. If you are looking at advertising in future you should use Blogger platform. This is what I think tips the scales towards Blogger platform.

Before I conclude, you should know that blogging is something that does not require any investment except for you buying a domain and a hosting plan. If you are serious about it then you should go for a personal domain and a hosting plan. Nothing that you do at the start of your blogging career should be regretted at a later stage.

If you are a new blogger what would you choose? Will you go with limited options? The choice is yours and you have the best platforms dissected, do let us know what you would go for.


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