5 Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining More Subscribers

By Mohsin | Blogging

Oct 30

There is nothing more fulfilling for a blogger than knowing that a lot of people care about what he writes. A high subscriber count is what most boggers are after, because it gives the most accurate estimate of how many people are interested in their content.

If you are one of the bloggers who has stuck at certain level and your subscriber count has not moved for ages, here are 5 reasons why this is happening to you.

1. You don’t link out too often

One of the things that differentiates blogs from usual sites is that bloggers are generous in linking out to other bloggers. This is what sets the blogosphere apart from the rest of the WWW, and helps us grow to the levels a normal web site can only dream of.

Link to big and small blogs from within your posts often. This not only impresses your existing and potential readers with your knowledge about your niche, but also opens up new doors to success. The more you link to others, the more you’ll be linked to, and the more new readers will find you.

2. Your topic is too strict

I started off Blogging Bits as a blog about blogging, but soon realized that 1) there are already too many blogs about blogging, and 2) there is not much that can be said about blogging alone. So, I expanded my topic and added design and productivity to the list of the topics I cover. I have seen great success with this strategy so far, and have found many new readers who care about these new topics.

Your niche may also be too saturated, or too small. So, to reach out to the new coterie of readers, you’ll have to cover other topics similar to your current topic. This’ll be easier than you think, because, if you are like other bloggers, you already read quite a bit of such material that is related to your current niche. It’s only a matter of embracing it to your own set of topics.

3. You don’t write on other blogs

Guest blogging is a great way to find new audience in your niche. Offering great content to established and most-read blogs in your niche will let you present yourself to an existing group of willing subscribers. The benefits of guest blogging are too great to be ignored.

4. You don’t strategize

Blogging on whim are ya? No good. You can meet success only if you know that you want to get there. Laying down small goals and figuring out ways to reach those goals will inspire you with new zest for success.

Let yourself know that you want to gain ‘n’ number of subscribers this month, and set down possible ways to do that. Guest blogging, link baiting, offering unique content etc., are a few of many possible ways to attract more subscribers to your blog.

5. You have a terrible design

If you do everything right but have a terrible and cluttered design, nobody will wish to come back to your humble place.

Use a minimalistic and easy to navigate design, remove any and all elements that mean something to you but don’t serve any useful function, move the subscription link above the scroll, and declutter your blog mercilessly. Trust me, you’ll only increase your chances of holding your visitors’ attention longer than 5 seconds.

Your thoughts?

What strategy will you recommend for gaining more subscribers? And what has worked for you on your blog?

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Deaf Musician October 30, 2007

I think commenting on other blogs helps, too. hehe. There's my comment. 😀

Marko Novak October 30, 2007

3 out of 5. I should link more often and do some guest posts.

Austin Real Estate B October 30, 2007

I think another factor is giving your visitors information they are interested in. I try to determine if I were going to a blog about X (for me real estate) topic would information would be useful.

Manick October 30, 2007

One more strategy: Respond to all the comments from your readers. It is really a good feeling to know that the blog author respects your comments. Even a simple "Thanks" would do the trick. This, in a way, creates a bond between the reader and the author. As a result, the reader would like to visit your blog more often and probably subscribe to the blog.

All this will finally work only if you maintain the quality of the posts and have attractive titles to your posts.

Skellie October 30, 2007

Great tips, Mohsin. Congrats on the guest-posting spot :)

One thing: your name is misspelt in the author's list (as Moshin). Not sure if you mind but I thought I'd let you know.

Fred Peters October 30, 2007

Great article Mohsin. I am about to release a guide to increasing RSS subscribers. I will link to you in it 😛

Lori October 30, 2007

Hmmm..2 of 5:( Guess I need to work on things a bit.

Mohsin October 30, 2007

Deaf Musician, I think it helped. i just clicked your link 😈

Marko Novak, Sounds good! Let us know how it goes.

Austin Real Estate Blog, That's critical. A blogger must always write with his readers in mind. Otherwise everything he writes is valueless.

Manick, right on! Small and medium sized blogs should always respond to every comment personally, because, as you said, it creates a bond between the two and keeps the commenters happy. But I think replying to each and every comment isn't feasible on larger blogs where every post receives 30+ comments on average. What do you think?

Skellie, Oops.. well spotted. I'll let Kevin know and have it corrected :)

Fred, that's great! Do let me know when you publish the guide.

Lori, which ones?

Wayne Liew October 31, 2007

Good and powerful contents is always the key. I guess What Will Seth Gordin Do will help a little bit in increasing the number of subscribers and having your RSS icon visible will also help.

Kevin October 31, 2007

Good post Mohsin (p.s. I've corrected your name)

Skellie – Congrats on the problogger gig :)

Manick October 31, 2007

Mohsin, I agree with you. It may not be practical to respond to each and every comment if you are receiving like 50 comments. The approach would work well for small to medium sized blogs, as rightly said. Thanks for your response.

Jamie Harrop November 1, 2007

Good tips, Mohsin. I especially like the one about having a strategy.

For most of us, our blogs are our business. Unfortunately, many bloggers don't seem to treat their blog like a business, which results in no business plan, no goals and no strategy. Stepping back every once in a while and treat your blog as a business, as opposed to a hobby, is often worthwhile.

Profit Blogger November 1, 2007

Great points. Although in regards to #3 I have approached quite a few different bloggers to no avail. I have only had one guest blogging opp.

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