5 Special Reasons For You To Join A Blog Team

By Ramkarthik | Writing

Oct 25

First of all, I would like to tell you that I have joined this blog’s blogging team today and this post is a result of it. If you are wondering what the use of joining a blogging team is, then you will find the answer in a matter of few minutes. Here are reasons why you should join a blogging team:

Blogging TeamExposure:
If you are a new blogger and looking forward to get exposure, then joining a blogging team will help you a lot. Not only you get exposure, but you get readers to your blog, you get subscribers and you also get a fan base (if you write really well). I have seen many bloggers who have become famous by joining a blogging team of a famous blog.

Once you become a writer for a team, the expectations will become high. There is a proverb saying:
“Necessity is the mother of invention”
When you are in a position to write good quality posts, you will automatically start to think out of the box and write good content. As a result, you get more experience.

Once you start writing for a team blog, you get to know other experienced writers of the team and there may be few instances where you have to work together with them. If you can maintain good relationship with the other writers of the team, you will get expert advices at the time of need.

Boon For Freelance Writers:
If your aim is to become a freelance writer and you have no previous experience, then joining a blogging team should be the right step. Don’t expect to EARN a lot but you can surely expect to LEARN a lot. Freelance hirers expect you to have previous experiences. So you can add the blog where you are blogging as your previous experience. Now you have something to fill in your resume. This will surely earn you more as a freelance writer.

Get Noticed By Big Bloggers:
This is probably what you will be happy of. When you write a good post in your own blog, it may go unnoticed. But when you write the same post for a famous blog, you will be noticed by the A-List bloggers. This might lead to a situation where the A-List blogger himself/herself will become your blog’s (own blog) subscriber and often link to best posts.

If you have already made up your mind to start blogging for a Blog Team, then go to that blog and contact the owner with all the details needed. Mail them your name, your blog url and some of the best posts you have written recently. Few blog owners ask for sample posts. So my advice to you is to write two posts and save it for showing it to the owners of team blogs. Make sure the sample posts you have written are related to the niche of the blog which you are contacting. Good luck in getting a blogging job, be it a paid or unpaid position.


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Thomas Flight October 25, 2007

I am looking for someone to join with me in starting a Tech blog network. Any one out there interested? Contact me at geek-more.com

-Thomas Flight

Michael Martine October 25, 2007

Awesome! Welcome to the team. I really look forward to your posts here! 😀

Manick October 25, 2007

Hi RamKarthik,

Informative and encouraging post for upcoming bloggers like me. Can you briefly give us the qualities the site owners look for to make a cut? For example, what did you have that made BloggingTips accept you into the team? Thanks.

Wayne Liew October 25, 2007

I guess the situation depends. If I am joining a big blogging team like Blogging Tips, it will be great and the benefits you pointed out can be gained.

What are your views on joining a small blogging team? It will not get you exposure, there will be no famous bloggers and the worst is that you will need to build the site together. All of these is like starting a new blog and it takes a lot of effort.

Ramkarthik October 26, 2007

@ Michael Martine, thanks man.

@ Manick, Glad you liked it. I had few samples of my post and I just mailed Kevin about it. He was good enough to give me a job here. Im also very lucky to get a job here. As I said, have some best articles and mail to the blog owners who are looking forward for freelance writers. You will get one job soon. All the best.

@ Wayne Liew, It is tough to get a job in a small blogging team itself. Unless you have previous experience in writing, it will be very tough to get a blogging job. So if you are getting a job in a small blog or an infamous blog, don't worry. If they are paying you, take the job and write for them. This will serve as previous experience to you. After this, you will be able to get much better jobs easily. So don't ignore the small blogging jobs.

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