10 Steps for Absolute Beginner Bloggers

By Chris Garrett | Blogging

Oct 19

What is the absolute first thing that a new blogger should do? Here is a list of what new bloggers tend to do:

  • Sign up at Blogger or WordPress.com
  • Post a “Hello World” message
  • Join a blogging forum and ask for a critique
  • Write 10 posts then run out of energy

Seem familiar? :)

It is so easy to get caught up with the initial rush of enthusiasm and just start posting like crazy then burn out.

Each blogger needs to find their own voice and select a blogging style that suits them and their niche. For example

  • Newsy posts
  • Product announcements
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials and tips (like this one)
  • Commentary and opinion
  • Linkbait

My advice for anyone thinking of launching and writing a blog is to first be a blog reader:

  1. Sign up to Google Reader and subscribe to a bunch of blogs
  2. Find blogs on topics that interest you using a blog search such as Technorati
  3. Make note of what you do and do not like in design, style, approach, content, length, etc
  4. Decide on a niche that you would like to pursue
  5. Find your favorite 10 blogs and bloggers you would like to get to know and learn from
  6. Sign up to Social Media sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon to find interesting articles, learn what other people like, and to start voting
  7. Notice what is successful in social media, in particular those that appeal to you and why
  8. Start commenting on blogs without dropping links, just start getting out there
  9. Notice which posts inspire you to comment and which leave you cold
  10. Follow links to new blogs and subscribe to them. Consider which links you follow and why, and which you end up subscribing to and which you do not.

I think being a reader, and being a conscious reader, first sets a blogger up to be more successful out of the gate.

What do you think of this advice? Let me know your tips for new bloggers in the comments …

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