How good are you at social bookmarking?

Everyone’s talking about it. And as I write this, someone is thinking of starting a new social bookmarking site too. Social bookmarking seems to be on all powerpoint presentations, on all boards, discussions and forums, as it’s the strategy in Social Media Marketing. Mister Wong, Digg, Furl, Delicious, Blink, and what not? There’s quite a lot of them.

Now, take a step back and many of them do you really use? Probably one or maximum two. And I’m sure many of us use the most popular ones like Digg and Delicious. You may have tested others but I seriously doubt if anyone is using all of them.

So the question here – Is Social bookmarking as popular as you think it is? Does it justify the hype it is associated with?

Yes and No.

Yes because, it is a new thing and the rate at which people are using it is awesome! We used the browser bookmarks earlier, not any more. It has become a habit now, and I don’t think we’ll ever go back but have more of it.

No because, many of us still don’t use it. And even more of us really haven’t heard about some of them.

But the hype still remains. It’s the new “mantra” according to the gurus. Social media marketing is the key to your online success, they say.

From the SEO perspective, social bookmarking has no effect on your website excluding the fact that it will give you some attention and traffic.
It has no effect on your page rank or your site’s authority. It may give you extra traffic if you are liked by the “Diggers” and if it goes just a bit too popular, it may even crash your site too.

So in my opinion, social bookmarking is not popular as we think (or told) it is. Having said that, it has a huge potential and as new social bookmarking sites come in, there should be new features available and more and more users will get used to it.

Please let me know your thoughts on it.


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