Blog Action Day – How can bloggers help the environment?

I posted in August about the Blog Action Day campaign where thousands of blogs agreed to post today about the environment.

I am the first to admit that I am not the most concious person in the world when it comes to the environment. I never litter, I try not to buy things that I don’t need and I do my best to switch off my TV and laptop when I’m not using them however I know I can do more. For example, my brother and his fiancee take things down to the recycling centre every weekend.

So what do I believe bloggers can do to help the environment? Well, I believe one of the best things bloggers can do is cut down the use of their car. I passed my driving test when I was 17 but I have never owned a car. I drove my Dad’s car for a year or so after passing my test but I could never afford my own car because I was at University around that time. I moved into the working world but since I communted every day to work the need for me to start driving again was minimal and with me travelling on and off for a few years I just got used to not driving and used to not needing a car.

Whenever I tell people this they act like I’m crazy. I do plan on getting a car in the next 6 months however I believe that living the majority of my 20’s without a car has allowed me to see how much people use their car when they just don’t need to.

  • Most drivers take the car to the shop when it’s only a 5 or 10 minute walk
  • Most drivers don’t make the effort to car pool
  • Most drivers never use public transport systems

Of course the above is a generalisation but on the whole I would say it is true for car owners in developed countries. With 6 billion people on the planet and with developing countries gaining more wealth pollution from cars is going to increase and increase so do your bit and try and not to rely on your car as much to get around.

Blog Action Day – How can bloggers help the environment?

Have you taken part in Blog Action Day?

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