How much should you charge to blog?

A lot of clients want a rate quote before they’ll hire you as a blogger, and setting your fees can be tricky. Set them too high and you’ll be dismissed in favor of cheaper workers; too low and they’ll think you don’t respect your work enough to charge for it. So how do you decide what to charge? I try to consider a few different factors when setting my own rates.

How much time will this take?
If you’ll be spending a lot of time researching your subject then that time should be reflected in your rates. Also, how accurate do you need to be? Will you be posting opinions, reviews or researched articles? And how often will you need to post? Time is money, and these will all affect the amount of time you spend on the job.

What is your goal?
Are you just starting out as a professional blogger? If so, it might be worthwhile to take a lower-paying gig to bulk up your resume. If not, you time might be better spent searching for other, higher-paying jobs.

Answer the question already.
I’m often maddened by articles of this kind that insist “it’s totally subjective.” Of course it is, but it’s still nice to have a sense of what’s out there. I can tell you my rates for a few of my gigs, and perhaps that will help – though not what I get paid here, because that just seems kind of tacky.

I write a blog about my city which is all opinion and requires and very little research. I write 25 short posts a month (a couple of paragraphs) and get paid $50 a month.

I write a blog about a web service, where I write 25 longer posts a month (about 350 words each), and it does require some research. I get paid $125 a month.

If you have rates you’d like to share, I know others will find it helpful – and so will I!


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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