Keep the Conversations Going

When you post an article on your blog consider that the start of a conversation. As you grow your blog and gain readership, conversations will also grow. Slowly at first but it will pick up over time. The conversations on your Blog will typically happen through comments, but can also include feedback via email or another blogger posting an article with a trackback to your blog. Here are some Blogging Tips on keeping the conversations going.

Encourage – Write your articles in a way that encourages your readers to comment.

Respond – Respond to your readers comments. You don’t have to respond to every single comment but if someone is writing something that expects a response you should take the time to do so.

Join – Join in other conversations on Blogs in your niche. You can’t expect others to join your conversations if you’re not willing to do that same.

Plug-ins – There are a couple great plug-ins for WordPress to help keep the conversations going. Brian’s Threaded Comments which allows commenting to comments, and Subscribe to comments which allows a commenter the ability to subscribe to new comments via email.

Forums – If your blog is one that would benefit from forums then it may be something to consider. This will expand your blogs conversations. Blogging Tips uses Forums and it is a great place to ask questions, get advice and join in the conversation here on (Shameless Plug)

So what do you think? Do you have ideas and suggestions on keeping the conversation going between your blog and your readers? Let us hear them by leaving a comment.


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