Would you post a low quality article or rather not blog, when running out of ideas?

What would you do? All of us would have faced the blogger’s block sometime or the other. It’s a difficult situation to be in, when you have nothing to blog about or is confused because you have too many things in your head.

I’ve had similar situations and all the time, I had two questions to answer.
Should I write a not-so-good article and somehow manage to make a post for the day or should I not blog until I get a good topic to blog about?

Some bloggers have the habit of blogging everyday, and they make it a point to publish an article a day. Most of them use the timestamp feature of WordPress to the advantage but still, the story is that, the blog will have at least a post a day. Which is really good. Regular readers are happy, Google crawlers are happy since the frequency of posts are regular and at the end the blogger is happy too.

backlinks thru blog comments

But the problem comes when you can’t find topics to blog about. A typical bloggers block situation. There are some commonly followed easy ways to get out of the situation.

– Create a ‘best of links’ collection to other sites
– Publish a news story quoting the news item itself from another website.

But these articles can only be posted maximum once a week or your readers will find it boring. So what’s the next step to take?

Should you not blog? Go on a research to find topics for the coming days?

Most of the time, I take a little of this and a little of that. I try to find topics to blog from other similar blogs or news items and write a post almost instantly. I must admit that the quality of the posts tend to be lower in these posts compared to other well researched articles.Because the time is less and the amount of research you do is less, the quality too degrades.

A good idea though is to attempt a well written article with good link to resources. Also asking questions to readers can also trigger some momentum, if the question is relevant.

Anyhow, there wouldn’t be confusion over the fact that a daily publishing of articles on the blog is much more healthier than weekly or monthly articles. And planning in advance using the timestamp feature of WordPress is the best way to get out of such embarrassing situations.

Wonder how many of you will agree?


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