Social Rank – The new breed of blog scraping

Social RankI have had dozens of pingbacks in the last week from sites such as New Media Signal and MightyBlogger. All of these sites are brought to you by a website called Social Rank and all of these sites have the exact same design (all have the logo you see on the right too).

Basically what Social Rank does is post a brief excerpt from one of your posts on their site. They then list the posts from other blogs which have linked to your post or ‘covered your story’. How do they get traffic? Well, they send a pingback to your blog and the dozen other blogs which were listed as covering your story. I had over 20 pingbacks from them the other day within a space of a few hours.

At first glance these sites look legitimate however you quickly realise how these sites are just badly disguised blog scraping websites that were uploaded to make money via adsense. On their first day they launched no less than 30 websites. Yes thats right 30 websites!! All of these websites have the exact same design. All of these websites have several adsense ads and links to their other blog scraping sites. These are not legitimate sites. There is a link to the home page and thats it, no info page, no contact page etc.

I found an interview with the owner at Instigator Blog and they claim that they are planning on launching 1,000 sites like this. Considering that every one of these sites use the same design I predict they will have these sites online by Christmas. Has that sunk in yet….1000 blog scraping sites!!!

Do not be fooled by the appearance of these sites. They offer no content and are relying on pingbacks from hard working bloggers to get traffic, once they are uploaded they will never be updated again. My advice to all of you is to delete or spam their pingbacks so that you do not send their blog any traffic. All this company is trying to do is make a quick buck via adsense by getting traffic from your blog via pingbacks.

Please spread the word about this if you can, this is a problem that unfortunately we all share.

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