Links Roundup – September 25th 2007

do you offer a full-text feed? then advertise it! – A good tip from Muhammad Saleem, advertise the fact you offer a full rss feed to subscribers.

I want the iPod Video Nano Blog Contest – Jason Blanton is offering an iPod nano to anyone who helps promote his blog.

Top 23 Contest Blogs on the Web: The Ultimate List – Contest Blogger lists the top contest blogs on the web and puts themselves first :)

Why people stop blogging – Brian Heys ponders the reasons why people stop blogging (see part 2 here).

Interview with Kevin Muldoon – An interview with yours truly at Bloginite.

Do Blogs Sell? – Chris Garrett shows you how to sell yourself in your posts.

Can You Guess These Blog Logos? – A fun post from SemSpot. Can you tell where the 10 logos come from?

When Not to Blog – Geoff tells us 3 times when you shouldn’t blog.

Daily Blog Tips Has a New Look – Daily Blog Tips gets a new snazzy theme.

Sphinn: In Depth Traffic Analysis And Advice – A great intro to Sphinn from Matt Jones.

100 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog – A good list of quick and simple tips.

How To Sell Ads On Your Blog Even With Hardly Any Traffic – A Step-By-Step Guide – Jim Krukal shows you how low traffic blogs can still make money.

Making Money Online and Trust – Gain trust from your readers in order to make money online.

Stumbleupon mathematics for stumblers – Tim Nash looks at some algorithm’s which stumbleupon might use.

How To Build Lasting Relationships With Your Readers – Vivien writes a good post about building a relationship with your readers.

WTF Has Happened To Technorati? – James Mowery asks what’s going wrong with Technorati.

12 Things I Learned My First Year Blogging – Great post by Steve Olson about his first 12 months of blogging.

and last but not least…

I would like to welcome Deborah from Writers Row, Ahmed from Performancing & SoccerLens, Jason from Success for your blog and Michael Martine to the Blogging Tips writing team :)

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Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity and Social Media on his personal blog and provides support to bloggers at Rise Forums. He can also be found on Twitter @KevinMuldoon and .

Matt Jones - September 25, 2007

Thanks for the mention! :) Time to check out the other links…

Kevin - September 25, 2007

No worries…the post should have been published this morning but before I went to bed I hit the save button instead of publish. Doh!! :grin:

Donna Fontenot - September 25, 2007

Very nice staff additions! Congrats on snagging them, Kevin, and welcome to them all! :mrgreen:

inspiration - September 25, 2007

Thanks for the link love, Kevin.

Re: save instead of publish – That's why I'm always going to my actual blog to see whether my post was indeed published, and even check the permalink, to make sure that works too :-)

Michael Martine - September 25, 2007

Thanks for the introduction and those great links. I'm beginning to worry about T'rati. Jumped the shark or lost their mojo, take your pick.

Brian Heys - September 25, 2007

Thanks for the mention Kevin! Much appreciated.

Donald Mckenzie Jr - September 29, 2007

Thanks for the great links Kevin. I will be visiting them soon. Great blog by the way.

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