DMoz could be getting dropped by Google – About frickin time!

By Kevin Muldoon | Internet News

Sep 24

I cam across a post today by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land regarding the open directory project (aka Dmoz).

They realised that Dmoz isn’t listed when you search for dmoz on Google. Fingers crossed that is an indication Dmoz is finally going to go to the website graveyard in the sky. Dmoz has been currupt for as long as I can remember, I once waited more than 2 years for my site submission to be accepted. This sort of timescale was the rule and not the exception.

The problems didn’t stop there. For example, ShoeMoney was recently dropped from the directory because he refused to give a Dmoz editor $5,000. Marketing Pilgrim reported that when another Dmoz editor read about ShoeMoney’s problem he tried to do something about it and his account was disabled!

Google has always given a lot of weight in their search results to sites which were listed in the directory so this is great news for anyone who runs a website

Link : The Open Directory’s Home Page Goes Missing In Google (via Marketing Pilgim)


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