Use images to increase the size of your short posts

Here’s a quick tip for your short blog posts : Use images to buff out your post and increase the size of it

This is a technique which I use a lot, if my post is very short I’ll simply add an image or a screenprint to increase the height of the post.

There are a few reasons why I do this :

  • Images brighten up your posts
  • I don’t like posts which are just one or two sentences long
  • To make sure the site design is not messed up

The last point I mention is one of the main reasons I use images in short posts. Post pages on Blogging Tips currently have two 125 pixel high banners at the right hand of posts therefore any posts with just a few sentences will mess the design up a little. Obviously, I want to avoid this and that’s where the images come in.

Check out this post I wrote 4 days ago. The post was just a quick note to let readers know about an interview I had taken part in for CSS Juice had been published. The post did not require more than a few lines to let readers know about it therefore I took a screenprint of the interview page and posted it in the post to make sure the height of the post increased.

A simple tip but one which is very effective when your post does not have a lot of text.



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