“Whats a Blog?”

How often are you asked, “what’s a blog?”

Most who ask me this, have never seen a blog in their life. For some reason, I get asked this a lot. My response varies person to person.

Recently, someone asked me, “why should I start blogging?” Invariably this person was asking me to describe the potential advantages of having a blog.

I went on, in my typical sales speech, about how blogging can be used as one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

This is usually a strong statement to someone who has never even seen one!

Not discouraged in the slightest by their reaction, I go on to explain the benefit of potential customers coming to your blog and being “sold” on your company because they feel like they know you already. Therefore, the customers in a sense, are seeking you out instead of the other way around.

I spoke recently with one of my uncle’s, who owns a construction company, about the benefits of having a blog. He was literally beside himself with the possibilities having one can create.

I always have to follow the conversation with a warning against the unrealistic expectations of instant success. Having a blog and using it for marketing purposes takes work and dedication. I usually insist people be prepared to spend about 2 hours a night at least 5 days a week. This usually brings people back to reality.

After explaining the effort required to create a successful blog, I recommend reading David Meerman Scott’s book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” It is still one of the best books about blogging and online media I’ve ever read.

Blogging is a chance to really sell yourself to your target customer base. I recommend that the business owner to keep this in mind. It’s like having a lengthy conversation with your customer’s, only you can choose exactly what you want your customer get to hear/read.

Why non-bloggers don’t get bloggers

The only contact non-bloggers have with blogs, usually comes from the news. These people are actually quite average. Most people here in the US still don’t know what a blog is or the implications of having one. It is still foreign. Most people that I speak with outside the blogosphere think that a blog is a personal journal.

I admit being guilty at times of assuming everyone else is interested in what I am interested in. This is simply not the case. Not everyone uses Google Reader, is interested in finance, and so on.

Non-bloggers are individuals not consumed by the internet. Their computer use is mostly limited to checking email, google (actually probably MSN) searches, and looking up bank account information. I, like other bloggers, must realize this when communicating with non bloggers.

Should We Try to Convince Others to Blog?

My argument is yes! I believe it benefits the blogosphere tremendously to maximize the number of new blogs and bloggers.

Plain and simple, the more bloggers exist the more marketing opportunities there are.

The more bloggers there are, the more of a chance you have of develop relationships with others who are interested in the same things you are.

Relationships to me are the biggest reason to have a blog. As I stated in my last bloggingtips.com post, the people I have met online are some of the greatest contacts I have.

I am more than willing to offer up any of my services/knowledge to anyone who wants to network and work hard. I have found many other bloggers have the same attitude.

What do YOU think?


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