Be selfish and help someone

Until today, I had yet to write a series of blog posts or take part in one but when Blogging Tips author Steven Snell emailed me last week about taking part in a series of traffic related posts I was very interested. Steven;s idea was simply, he wanted 5 bloggers to write a post about something specific that has helped increased traffic to their blog.

Steven got the ball rolling yesterday with a great post entitled ‘Driving Search Engine Traffic to a New Blog’. Tomorrow, Adnan from Blogtrepreneur will be following up this post. On Thursday Tay from Super Blogging Tips will be writing a post and John from SiteFever will finish the series on Friday. I’ll update this post when they publish their articles.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Help yourself by helping others

I have spoke about my experience with reviewme and about how much I like StumbleUpon however there is one method I haven’t spoke too much about as yet on Blogging Tips, helping others. Blogging Tips has received a lot of traffic directly and indirectly from bloggers I have helped out.

What did I do to help other bloggers? Well, I’m no Florence Nightingale, I simply did my best to help those who emailed me for support and I offered my assistance in this blog and on some forums too. Most of the questions were related to wordpress or hosting and I was able to resolve most of them very quickly, not because I’m some internet wiz, simply because I had resolved those problems myself in the past.

You might be wondering what this has got to do with traffic to Blogging Tips. Well, the majority of those I helped thanked me in one of their posts. Many of them also linked to posts here at a later date and a few even put Blogging Tips in their blogroll to say thanks. So by taking ten minutes out of my day here and there I was able to get links on dozens of blogs and to this day I still get traffic from a lot of them.

I strongly encourage you all to help fellow bloggers and readers if you are in a position to do so.

Some things to bear in mind :

  • You don’t have to be super experienced to help someone – You don’t need have to be an authority in your genre to be able to help someone. You can help people by just providing good links or pointing them in the right direction. Most bloggers link to the blogs of those who brought something to their attention (ie. give credit where credit is due).

    You can help blog owners by commentating on their posts and recommending their blog to other bloggers.Put simply, you don’t have to have loads of experience in something to be able to help another blogger, every little helps!

  • Don’t just help bloggers – Not everyone who reads blogs has a blog of their own. However, you should still help others through comments and posts etc where you can. Blog readers can be very influential and you’ll find quite quickly that those you help will tell others about your blog on other blogs and forums etc. It pays to be nice! ๐Ÿ™‚


Helping other people is a great way to form partnerships and get traffic to your blog. If you can help someone with something they have spent hours trying to resolve they will no doubt appreciate your help and do their best to thank you in some way. So remember, be selfish and help someone!


Here is an updated list of all the articles.

  • Driving Search Engine Traffic to a New Blog from Vandelay Design.
  • What’s Your Best Source of Traffic from Blogtrepreneur.
  • Be Community Involved to Get More Traffic from Super Blogging.
  • Drive Traffic by Commenting First from SiteFever.

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