AuctionAds Upgrade

Just received this email from AuctionAds.

Dear Valued AuctionAds Partner,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to share some valuable information about recent enhancements we have made to the AuctionAds program. All of these changes will greatly benefit your bottom line. As many of you are already aware, AuctionAds which was one of the most successful product launches of 2007, was built upon the success of another leading ad network I founded called Text Link Ads.

As of today we have over 20,000 unique publishers like yourself who have joined AuctionAds and over 200 more joining per day, making us the largest auction affiliate program globally. With that explosive growth has come some short-term growing pains. We are aware that some publishers experienced ad serving and tracking issues in mid August and we are happy to report those issues have been resolved. In addition to upgrading our ad serving capacity to ensure uptime, here are other recent improvements:

  • New flashier HOT ad creatives for you to choose from. You can find these at our ad wizard. We also have more ad sizes coming next week.
  • We have increased our affiliate payout from 2% of all referred publisher revenue for six months up to 5% of all referred publisher revenue for six months. Our affiliate links are displayed within the “Ads by AuctionAds” link on all of your ads. Alternatively, you can login to our affiliate page and grab links to use in blog posts, etc.

If you are not currently running AuctionAds we want to invite you back today to take advantage of the largest and best converting auction affiliate progam online. We welcome your ideas on how we can improve our product and service so please feel free to reach out to me. Our publishing partners have always been our best source of innovation. Thanks again for making AuctionAds such an explosive product. We are committed to your success and look forward to cutting you bigger checks each month.


P.S. – Keep in mind our cookies last for 30 days so keep running our ads for at least 60 days. Some of our biggest publishers today voiced some initial concerns but have realized huge gains by keeping our code live.

Patrick Gavin
phone: 646-442-1565

A rise in referrals from 2% to 5% is good but I’m disappointed it’s only for 6 months. However, this is a minor complaint. The main thing is the update of banners etc.

Heres an example of the new changes to the banners :

old format

AuctionAds Old

new format

AuctionAds New

With the new format you can choose the colour scheme, determine how many ads you want and whether its horizontal or vertical. Just like before, you choose the keyword which type of ads are placed.

It isn’t a huge change but I’m sure this will encourage more bloggers to add some AuctionAds links to their sidebar 🙂


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