Why do bloggers link after all?

The game’s about getting linked baby!

There would be very little disagreement on the statement that – popularity of a blog can be directly related to the number of incoming links to it.

Links are like votes to you. I like Darren (for many reasons), therefore, I link to him. It’s my vote or my appreciation to him for having written in a style that appealed to me. Such is the case of many bloggers.

Bloggers link to another blog because of various reasons. Here are a few I could find –

  • To show one’s appreciation
    Out of all the reasons, this one was the easiest to find. Many of us link to a blog most often, when there’s an interesting article that caught your attention.You immediately cast a vote, and pass on the link.
  • To get noticed by another blogger
    This happens all the time and the funniest thing is that it keeps repeating. When you are trying to get another bloggers attention (most probably a famous guy), you link to his articles and you keep on linking to him in every second or third post until he notices you (many a times, they won’t).
  • To provide information to one’s readers
    This is more related to sites like wikipedia and how stuff works, where there are lot of information and people link to them for reference. We all do it, time and again.
  • To associate to another site/blog
    Sometimes, you link to as blog with no particular reason. You link just to show off – to your readers that I’m as cool or even better that the guy I’m linking to.Example: – Here is a write up in a new fresh blog –
    Shoemoney should read my blog more often on how to make money online! I have a few cool tips here.
  • To show your protest
    Sometimes, you don’t like an article, you strongly disagree to the points mentioned there and the easiest way you find (after commenting) to show your disagreement is writing a review on your blog pointing out how rubbish the other guy was. He earns a link anyhow.
  • To get links from another blog
    This happens most of the time because of miscommunication. Some bloggers link to another blogger in the vain hope that they will link back to you. Well, confidence is good but in this scenario, it won’t work all the time. Because, the blogger on the other end needn’t be all cool guy as you. He would enjoy all your links but wouldn’t really mind to link back, because you didn’t ask him to – Did you? Had you asked, you could’ve easily pulled off with a link-exchange scheme, but this time you lose.

Moral of the story – there are numerous reasons for a blogger to link to another blog. Sometimes it’s jealousy, sometimes admiration, sometimes it’s just fun. Whatever it is, there is nothing wrong is linking to others, and I can’t find a good reason why one should keep out of linking. After all, there’s only one Steve Pavlina. As I said – linking is the name of the game baby!


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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