11 Keys to Long-Term Blogging Success

Last week I wrote an article here at Blogging Tips about the long-term approach to blogging. In that article we looked at some of the differencs between a short-term approach and a long-term approach. In this article, we’ll look at 11 keys to building a successful blog for the long-term.

1 – Patience – Popular blogs with huge numbers of subscribers aren’t built overnight. Having patience means that you will consistently put work into your blog and stick around long enough to reap the rewards of that work. A lack of patience is probably the #1 reason that most bloggers never succeed at making significant money with their blog and give up.

2 – Persistence – While you’re patiently building your blog you are bound to face discouraging obstacles along the way. Those who are persistent and keep driving to get results will most likely be successful.

3 – Focus – Your blog should be focused on a particular subject (or group of related subjects). Additionally, you as the blogger should be focused on accomplishing your long-term goals. Establishing specific short-term goals that will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of your long-term goals can help you to celebrate some of the victories along the way, which can improve your level of motivation.

4 – Be Realistic – Don’t expect to make a full-time income shortly after you start blogging. Unrealistic goals or expectations are another cause of disappointment that can lead to giving up.

5 – Always be Learning – In order to become a well-known and respected source of information you will need to be continually learning and growing. Read lots of other blogs on your topic, read magazines, books, whatever will help you to get on top and stay there.

6 – Network – All successful bloggers have built solid networking relationships with other bloggers. Your network can open new doors and bring new readers to your blog. Be sure to make time for networking with other bloggers.

7 –Consistency – You don’t necessarily need to publish new posts every day, but successful bloggers cannot take a month off. In order to keep loyal readers you need to consistently produce high-quality content.

8 – Gratitude – Readers really determine which blogs are successful and which ones aren’t. Appreciate your readers and demonstrate that to them. You will attract more loyal readers this way.

9 –Respect – Respect other bloggers. Most readers do not want to read blogs that constantly bash and ridicule other bloggers. Be truthful and honest, but with respect for others.

10 – Unique – It’s much easier to stand out from the competition if there is something distinct or unique about you. Help your readers to remember you and create your own identity by setting yourself apart.

11 – Passionate – Blogging for long-term results requires a very strong interest in your subject and a desire to keep moving forward. Don’t choose the topic of your blog solely on the potential to make money. If you’re writing about subjects that you do not have a passion for, you are bound to get bored and struggle to keep going.

What other keys would you add to this list? Which ones do you think are most important?


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