The Power of Specializing Your Blog(s)

When I say specializing your blog, I mean taking your blog from no-topic to one topic. So many blogs have seen the light of day because of it, and so many blogs fall away because they don’t.

There are (at least) two kinds of blogs:

  • Personal blogs
  • Specialized blogs

If you are running a personal blog, odds are you aren’t all that interested in who reads and subscribes to it. Odds are you also don’t stick to any set topics or writing schedules: you write as you can and however you want to. Your blog has no six month plan, no goals, and you won’t be disappointed if it goes nowhere. Your number one reason for running your personal blog is you.

If you are running a specialized blog, you are more concerned with numbers. Odds are you are putting work into this blog that you won’t put into your personal blog, and you are probably reading some decent blogs about blogs to do so. You set goals, you have plans, and you (probably) want to make a buck or two.

This difference is seen pretty much across the board because people like knowing what they’re getting. It’s not that someone doesn’t want to read your personal gibberish (heck, we all do it) it’s just that they only have so much time in one day and they want to get what they need and move on. If you help them do that, then you’ve scored.

The Benefits for Your Specialized Blog

Not only will specializing allow you to reach specific people in a way that your personal blog can’t, your specialized blog(s) will let you:

  • branch out to new and exciting areas of content creation,
  • strengthen your authority on the topic you specialize in,
  • improve your search engine ranking for your topic-centered site,
  • attract more dedicated readers to your topic, and
  • make your personal blog that much more personal.

I’ve really enjoyed separating my blogging interests into different areas of the web. Not everyone can handle blogging at multiple locations, though—it takes a certain kind of person. Right now I have a place to write about blogging, one for copy writing, one for WordPress, and one for marketing and design. That’s apart from my personal blog.

Not everyone can do that. And really, unless you are interested in expanding your writing and reaching multiple audiences (and building a portfolio in the process) you shouldn’t bother trying.

The Benefits for Your Personal Blog

As mentioned above, your personal blog can become much more personal when you aren’t “working” on it. Not only that, but you will be free to use your personal blog to build your personal brand. In this way you can link all of your other “work blogs” back, and (ironically enough) draw those interested in your “professional writings” into wanting to see some of you are like on a personal level.

Funny how this blog stuff works out, aye?


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