5 Things To Remember When Blogging

Are you thinking of blogging? Well if you are, you better to stop and do some research about it first or better yet-read this blog post first.

The development and changes which are happening in the “blogosphere” is constantly changing but the basics for blogging remains the same. Here are some of the things which bloggers should remember when blogging:

Topic or Subject
When blogging, the topic for every blog post is important because this is what motivates readers to visit your blog. If you are just aiming on sharing what you had for breakfast-forget it. People are much more interested on specific topics especially if the author is considered as an “expert” about it. Think first on the topics which you have in-depth knowledge and go from there.

Writing Style
Every writer or blogger for that matter should have their own distinct writing style when it comes to their blogs. Though that is the case, there are two things that should always be present: opinions and current events. Opinions are important because it your own unique voice and I’m sure that you have your own opinions on different matters. Your opinion represents you as an individual while current events keep your readers informed. A combination of the two is a very powerful tool in blogging.

Scheduled Posting
You would not be able to have a successful blog if you won’t have a regular posting scheduled. It would be better if you would update your blog everyday as opposed to having a lot of posts a day. In this way, your blog readers would know that you have something new for them everyday. If you have good content but you don’t update regularly, your blog views would still diminish because there are a lot of blogs out there with the same topic and your readers could easily shift.

Blogging is a two-way process. You write, they respond and you should respond back. Comments are placed in blogs for communicating with your readers and this should not be taken for granted. The more people involved in the discussion, the more chances of people visiting your blog. Believe me, readers are very happy if you would reply to their comments because it means that you are really paying attention to your blogs and your readers. Aside from that, leaving comments and reading other blogs is one of the “unwritten” rules in blogging. You give something to them, they also give something in return.

Blogging is fun-if you have PASSION for it. This is something which could not be faked. For wannabe bloggers who just wants to join the hype, having a successful blog would mean hard work and I really mean hard work. There is the constant research, updating, server troubles, spam, and much more. If you are up to the challenge and very passionate about it, I welcome you the blogging world!

I know that this list is an incomplete one but if you want to add more, please do so. Happy Blogging everyone! 😀


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