Blogger or Which is better?

By Kevin Muldoon | Competitions

Aug 01

Blogger and are undoubtedly the two most popular blogging platforms for bloggers who want a free blogging webspace without the need of purchasing a domain name and hosting package.

In this months competition I thought it would be good to have a debate about which is better. There is $200 up for grabs in this competition. $100 will be awarded to the person who gives the best answer as to why Blogger is the best format and $100 will be rewarded to the person who gives the best answer as to why is the best blogging platform. So whatever blogging platform you prefer, you still have a chance of winning $100 :)

The competition deadline is August 15th 2007, any comments posted with a date of August 16th or later will not be counted.

So I will end this post with the question….

Which is better, Blogger or


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Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity and Social Media on his personal blog and provides support to bloggers at Rise Forums. He can also be found on Twitter @KevinMuldoon and .

TextAdSearch August 1, 2007

There's clearly no competition (get the pun) WP wins hands down.

It is very adaptable, is search engine friendly and has every plugin you can think of.

In addition when the big boys decide to create plugins for there service (advertising etc) WP is always the first to get done.

I can't even believe you have even suggested Blurghger.

Kevin August 1, 2007

Bear in mind I am referring to the developer hosted, not the self hosted I don't want to say too much more as I want the debate to develop itself :)

Glen August 1, 2007

I strongly believe that the hosted solution of wordpress is far better than the hosted solution of Blogger. Thankfully I have a lot of points to back up my thoughts and hope you all enjoy them 😎

No Tracking – Without a doubt Google is monitoring blogger profiles, peoples actions, who comments where etc and using them to build up their own profiles on people. With wordpress that isnt the case as theres no search results they need to improve or targetted ads they need to display

Innovation – WordPress the non-hosted solution has literally innovated the blogosphere and means that new plugins and the introduction of blog plugins have allowed bloging to develop further than it could have if wordpress had never existed and blogger / typepad / moveable type where the only options people had

Stats Tracker – WordPress recently released the most awesome stats tracker imaginable and it can be used on hosted and non-hosted wordpress domain blogs. The stats allow you to see your most popular posts by views, comments etc etc.

Customisable / More Options – WordPress has long been the developers favourite platform to develop new themes therefore wordpress hosted solution users get a much bigger choice to use on their blogs

Lorelle – Lorelle is a wordpress blogger, she is amazing…enough said

Matt Jones August 1, 2007

It would be a gross generalisation to say one is "better" overall. They both perform their functions.

Blogger is better for beginners; WP is better for bloggers with more experience.

Neither is better because both are needed at some stage on the blogging learning curve.

You could say that it depends on whether the rate of growth of the blogosphere is increasing or decreasing. I.e. are more newbie bloggers appearing, or more experienced bloggers developing.


Free is worse than Blogger because usually by the time a blogger is advanced enough to use WP they are also committed enough to host it on their own domain, making useless.

Nellie August 1, 2007

Blogger. As far as I'm concerned, the only drawback is the inability to create static pages (which WordPress supports).

With Blogger, the only page element that I don't have control over is the navbar – anything else can be tweaked to my heart's content using the 'edit HTML' section of my template. The only problem is that while *my* code validates (for the most part … right now I'm in the middle of redesign and am at the 'sloppy' stage), Blogger's doesn't. Not a big deal, but I'm a perfectionist. I can live with that, though. For a free (read: I can't afford my own domain at the moment) solution, it works. I do have an account over at WordPress, but when I tried to customize the page to get it how I looked, I was told that in order to edit the CSS, I would need to pay for an 'upgrade' … no thank you.

The other big thing that drew me to Blogger is that it will allow advertising on its free ( accounts – the blogging group I'm involved with has a few advertisers (who donate to a charitable organization). WordPress does not allow advertisement, unless you pay for the VIP option.

With any luck I'll soon be able to have my own domain, but for now, I choose Blogger because (for the most part), my site design is up to me – for free. With WordPress, I'd have to pay for that. As previously mentioned, the only thing I can't control is the navbar – but it's relatively unobtrusive and I can match the color to the rest of the blog.

Kevin August 1, 2007

Nellie – Your the first one to bring up the fact that does not allow any advertisements. With regards to a domain name, email me the domain you want to register and I'll get it for you and put it in an enom account for you :)

Keep em coming guys. Good comments so far :)

Tay August 1, 2007

It's very hard to tell which is better, and it mainly depends on what kind of blog you plan on running.

With Blogger you can do some serious customization and put up advertisements, but there are the downsides of not having the tweaks and bonuses WordPress has.

With WordPress you can't customize your blog much or include adverts. However, there are the options of including the "more" tag in your posts, timestamping, and using all the handy widgets. There's even the free blog statistics tracker and spam blocker Akismet.

I say if you're planning to make a lot of cash using Adsense or something like that with your blog, then Blogger is your best bet because you can't do that at all with WordPress.

But if you don't care about the money and just want to blog, then WordPress wins hands down.

I think the free WordPress is best overall. :)

pablopabla August 1, 2007

For me, I shall confine my reasoning based on my previous website building experience.

When I started building my personal websites back in 1995, I learnt the hard way using html coding. After I graduated in 1996, I was without a computer at home and lost touch with web site building altogether.

When I started blogging in January 96 or thereabouts, I tried out both WordPress and Blogger and found the latter more familiar to me as I could instantly identify with the html codes. WordPress was kinda different and as a result, I abandoned it. Blogger also allowed me to tweak to my heart's content and add Adsense (which is a big deal to me then as a newbie).

Over time, as I became more regular with my blogging hobby (having 4 blogger sites!!) and more demanding of features after being exposed to more sites out there, I realised that buying my own domain would be desirable (which I did). The next question then was, which blogging platform should I use? The answer was WordPress.

So, my answer to your question would be Blogger for beginners and WordPress for more experienced users.

Kevin August 1, 2007

pablopabla – You claim that you started blogging in January 96 and tried out both wordpress and blogger. Blogger did not come out until August 99 and the first version of WordPress was not released in 2003. :mrgreen:

pablopabla August 2, 2007

Woops! That's 2006. 😆

GoddessCarlie August 2, 2007

I have not used and when I used blogger it was around 1999/2000 and it was terrible! I'm sure (well, I hope!) it's improved since then, but I don't think I'm qualified to enter this competition…

Nirmal August 2, 2007

My vote goes to Blogger in free blogging platforms. There are quite a few reasons. Firstly there is no option to customize themes in, we need to pay to edit the CSS. I feel this is one of the important things for a blogger, to have a look and design of his own. Usage is much easier and so is adding advertisements. Blogger has now improved with the addition of Blogger polls and video.

I used blogger for almost 1.5 years and pretty satisfied. I moved temporarily to before shifting to own domain.

the only disadvantage with blogger is that pages cannot be created and also commenting is a bit difficult.

Overall I feel Blogger is best free platform. :smile:

Glen August 2, 2007

Great posts from everyone, looking forward to seeing a winner!

Shypy August 2, 2007

Nellie, you can remove the navbar on blogger.


Nellie August 2, 2007

Thanks for the link, Shypy – I've given that topic much thought over the past couple of months, and have just decided to go for it (had previously been a bit concerned about TOS violations and the ilk). Thinking on it, my blog is so targeted that I feel that it would be more of a liability than anything else. I'd hate for some big-shot turf writer (oh, the aspirations I have!) to click on 'next blog' expecting another racing blog and get some teeny-bopper diary or something equally inappropriate. Though, looking through my usage logs, nobody has actually done that, I'm sure it would happen eventually.

Now … hands down, Blogger. Every pixel on that page is mine to place where I please. As far as the division between beginner/advanced users go – I think there's certainly a stigma association with addresses, but how your blog is viewed by others is definitely up to you. Present a clean, organized and professional layout and strong content, and the snobs amongst them all will (okay, should) overlook the 'free' aspect of your 'hosting solution'. While I haven't bothered with the new Blogger, in talking with others, it sounds as if it is easier for beginners to handle. As far as monetizing goes, that doesn't interest me (the two advertisers on my site have donated to charity in exchange for the ads and sponsorship of a standings category), but a lot of what I read focuses on this, so I would imagine that it's important to a fair amount of others on some level.

My background: I started learning HTML way back when, in about 1995, and probably started my first psuedo-blog shortly thereafter. I think it was coded entirely by hand (comments via form, which I copy-pasted … archives by hand, which I'm sure was a bitch!). Later on I worked as an ADA coder (now Section 508[?]) and eventually moved from just adding alt-tags to building entire sites, just me, the designers' transparencies and Notepad. (this was a while ago, and my skillset is just starting to be rebuilt) In maybe 2002/2003, I owned my own domain (privately hosted) and used Moveable Type for blogging. Then, poor and Internet-connectionless, I rarely accessed the Internet (painful, very painful). In late 2006, I decided to make my return, and for one reason or another (to be honest, it wasn't very thought out – I had planned on just doing a personal thing with a little bit of racing stuff…) chose Blogger. There were a few times, upon reading about the enhanced features, that I was seriously tempted to switch over to WP and looked into it extensively. However, with my background in coding for a living (oh, how I'd love to do that again!), there was no way that I could give up control of my design and use a WYSIWIG editor (for the most part, I edit the HTML, unless I'm being really lazy). It just wouldn't 'feel right'.

In short, my Blogger blog is MINE – I can tweak to my heart's content, and by outsourcing (I could use Haloscan or another system for commenting if I want to, but haven't come to a decision on that yet), can achieve the same functionality that a WP blog would offer me, as far as I can tell. I'm sure that there are some subtle things, but as Nirmal said, the most important thing is for a blog to have a branding all its own – with WP, I'd always be cut from the same cookie cutter as at least some of the rest.

*deep breath* Sorry about that, went on longer than I'd planned. For some reason, I guess I just find it intriguing.

Myo Kyaw Htun August 2, 2007

A totally agree with Nirmal.

I was blogging in blogger for a year. You can edit CSS for customizing template (yah, it is difficult to get professional template in blogger.), use Javascript in And also it is very good for those who're start trying to blog without having technical experience.

Now blogger is still improving by adding new widgets and new services for user.

For example, when you use experimental feature in, you can upload unlimited videos. Can u upload unlimitted videos in ? no way. Even image space is very few.

Only things are creating page and commenting systems. (Sometimes trackback is not displayed properly)

But my point of view, if bloggers can effort hosting cost, I'd like to suggest to use ( if not, is the best free blogging platform!!!

Rob O. August 4, 2007

Wow! I've come to feel like the proverbial red-headed stepchild for having a Blogger-based blog. It's refreshing & comforting to see that there are other Blogger-devotees out here!

My 2Dolphins is Classic Blogger-based for the dynamic content and I hack the static pages out mostly with a text editor (although I have been playing with DreamWeaver a bit lately). I've used the same stylesheet & code on my static pages, so it all blends sorta seamlessly.

My biggest complaint about Blogger would have to be the way it handles commenting.

blogmunch August 4, 2007

What a coincidence, I happen to write a post yesterday just on this topic. My thoughts are although is prettier, Blogger is more flexible with the things you want to do, regardless if its layout or custom script.


Blogs Do Make Money August 6, 2007

There's no question about it, even my current domain is hosted on blogger's free platform. I certainly agree with the rest for beginners and those who are less tech savvy, blogger is the best choice.

I've tried WP too but their strict regulation on no advert is one of the reason I do not use them. Apart from that, the free WP platform does not allow for CSS editing.

Ashwini August 6, 2007

This is a very interesting topic.I hope I provide you guys with some good ideas

First of all,Commenting: WordPress{both .org and .com} blogs already have an onsite comment forms on post pages which invites more and more visitors to comment.Wheras to post a comment on a blogger blog, you need to Click on an external link,Sign in, type in CAPTCHA, post your comment, then return to the site.70% of visitors are irritated while doing so.

Futhermore, WordPress has a widget for recent comments while blogger {by default} doesn't have any such option.Also WordPress blogs have spam protection

Stats:Wordpress provide free stats that also include SE keywords that made the user visit your blog.Blogger doesn't have any such feature yet

Exposure:when you publish any rubbish in your wordpress post,with any label, the label appears on wordpress blog's homepage.Thus giving you a decent traffic and a guaranteed pagerank.Blogger published blogs of note , but to get in there you need to have loads of traffic.Furthermore, blogger blogs are added in Google after a few days {or even months} if we do not have any external inbound link

FeaturesWith wordpress, you can import your posts/comments/images/videos from other blogging platforms like blogger but it isn't vice-versa

Credit etc.pagesyou can create a few pages like about page in wordpress but you can't do so in blogger


Design,LayoutWordPress blogs have more styled, neat, clean and WEb 2.0 themes.Blogger blogs also have layouts from world famous designers but it lacks the Web 2.0 effect.

I think this comment is declined towards, my next comment for sure is towards blogger

Ashwini August 6, 2007

This comment is in support of Blogger.

The Google EffectBlogger blogs have extremely high SERP rating on Google {if managed properly}.You can never dream of their servers going down.Wordpress too has decent SERP rating but still surveys have shown that Google rearranges result.For ex Picasa has a high rating than flickr.

Adding to his, Google acquires many companies.For ex. Google recently acquired Feedburner and have connected Blogger features with Feedburner features

Geeks/Non Geeks

Blogger provides a very flexible platform for publishing posts.

If you know how to type, you can publish a blogger blog.Its that simple! 😛

Blogger provides you with all your XML template code and CSS for free. you can place any sought of script in your template for free but WordPress don't provide you your Php code so it is difficult to place 3rd party scripts.Even if you have to edit the CSS, you need to pay for it.

Blog for MoneyWordPress blogs restrict the use of any sought of money making progs. with their blogs whereas with blogger, you can participate in any money making progs.In fact I can assure you more than 50 % of blogger only want to earn through it

Blogger in Draft

This is a newly launched prog, where blogger can see the features of blogger in its testing phase and even use them.You might not be knowing much about it.More info at and

These include features such as Polls, AJAX search boxes, Podcast widgets,Enclosure links, Direct video uploading to posts etc.

FreeBlogger has everything for free and it is not necessary to put their credits on blogs.Wheras WordPress charges a fee for some of its advanced features.

Looks like blogger has done well in few cases.But remember when it comes to custom domains, things change significantly

Ryan Imel August 7, 2007

*WordPress:* A clean one-bedroom apartment only a block from a coffeehouse with a library around the corner. The contractors who built your place are using the leftovers to construct a hospital for orphans. Neighbors help you carry groceries upstairs. The landlord volunteers at a soup kitchen on weekends.

*Blogger:* A one room shanty in the median of a super highway. Your front door’s the carpool lane and it’s cold at night. The shanty is all yours and you can do with it what you see fit; you see lots of possibility. Your landlord lets you stay for free in exchange for pimping out his ladies. You oblige.

‘nuff said.

Ramkarthik August 7, 2007

If you compare and, I would vote for Here are the reasons why I'll choose Blogger:

1. has easy process to create a blog.

2. Since blogger is owned by Google, blogger blogs have the tendency to reach the top of Google Search more easily than

3. The controls in is very easy and anyone can manage with it.

4. allows you to earn money by displaying advertisements and other things.

Here's Why I won't Choose

1. It has a bad commenting system.

2. You can't filter spams.

3. You can't have many pages unless you are good in CSS.

4. You don't have many good templates to choose. You should know CSS well to choose a template other than the one which blogger provides.

Advantages of using

1. You can import pages from blogger blog. This is the best feature available.

2. allows you to have extra pages like contact, about etc.

3. You can learn how to use by using You have to learn because you cannot stay all the time with the free one.

4. has good templates and commenting options.

5. gives you the option to add few bookmarking sites to your blog without knowing any Coding.

Disadvantages of

1. You are not allowed to display advertisements or even AdSense.

2. You cannot use plugins that has which are must for a blog.

3. Little tough to master the usage.

Though has less disadvantages than, I would still vote for The main reason for it is you are allowed to monetize in and not in Many bloggers start blogs to earn money. Luckily I started to earn money with my Blogger blog and now successfully moved to a domain name.

Anyway I would say 70/100 for and 50/100 for



TechZilo August 8, 2007

First of all, there may be repeated points in this list, so please pardon.

Having been a Blogger user(both old and new), and exploring ALL the features of them, and later moving to has been a real eye opener for me.

1. Is owned by Google : This is a huge advantage in terms of SEO. Most blogspot blogs are crawled quickly, by virtue of them being on a subdomain of blogspot. Granted, is similar, but not owned by Google.
This point is most underrated, as i have not seen many people say this. Also, most blogspot blogs get PR3 in the first update, even with very little content. Example: my personal blog, which was a test blog setup 5-6 months ago has PR3 with just ~5 incoming links.(btw, I will be releasing that blog’s theme soon on TechZilo, so watch out!)
also, my 3-month old blogspot blog topped SERPs for “add digg, delicious buttons to blogger”, and many more hacks.

2. Is user friendly: Much has been told about this. but just for my 2cents, it was blogger’s theme editor which prompted me to learn HTML+CSS two years ago.

3. Allows you to make money via ads, reviews etc: Not only that, they even provide adsense widget.

4. Has a more supportive community than Blogger: dont get me wrong here, but after having used all 3 platforms, I believe that Blogger is better in support from other users. Its not because they’re skilled but because the no. of serious users is far less on blogger, so less questions to experts=quick reply.

5. Now supports feedburner integration

6. allows you to edit html and place JS: i realised its value when i had to verify with google webmasters. uploading a txt file was not possible, but i could edit and add a meta tag. also added several blocks of javascript for mybloglog, statcounter, sitemeter, google analytics etc.

7. Has an active community of hackers like Ramani, Aditya, Deepak, Hoctro, Purplemoggy, Phydeaux3 etc.(sorry if i missed anyone) who churns out incredible hacks in just JS. these are easy to install, and they even have 1-click installers, whereby you click a button that they provide, configure some options and viola! the hack is applied without mucking with code or rearranging layout(widgets).
This is the most important for me.

8. Has the easiest themeability: Though you will see a million blogs with the default Denim, Minima or whatever, there are hundreds of themes which are less-known(and hence making your blog theme unique if you chose them).

9. Designers like Aditya sells unique killer templates, such beautiful ones for just $15, $20 and $25. how many wordpress themes (even .org) would you get for that amount?

10. Contrary to what others said about the commenting system on blogger being multi page load, it actually helps cut down spam. As spammers are an impatient lot, they’d write 3 spam comments on a blog in one page load each rather than 3 pageloads for 1 comment on blogger.
I certainly prefer less comments+less spam(Blogger) rather than more comments+more spam(

11. You dont need to pay anything to edit CSS.
Ditto for placing ads(On you need to pay for both)

12. One of the most amazing themes ever, completely AJAXed, called Neo(see demo)

It is available free of charge, and is one of the most pleasant experiences of reading a blog.

13. Widgets and JS can be used to do amazing things – refer to the hackers i pointed out above. They provide everything from attractive datestamps which can be customised to your liking(like to JS hacks like AJAX categories.

14. There are new features being added every fortnight: the latest were Blogger in Draft and robots.txt
Obviously, folks at Google arent twiddling their thumb in idle thumb. They are constantly improving Blogger. New features are being added, old woes are being creased out.

15. Remove NavBar: You CAN remove navbar, according to

He says he got tip that someone from Google’s Blogger section said its ok to remove navbar. labnol removed navbar. And Labnol, which has been around since 2004 hasnt been touched.

16. Contrary to popular misconception, blogs on blogspot can be professional. I had seen a blog on SEO, so professional, with a design from SixShooterMedia, that the only give-away that it was on blogspot was the comment link which pointed to……if someone knows which it is, please let me know.

it took me an hour….hopefully it is enough 😉 btw, kevin, can i add in points, if i get any more?

TechZilo August 8, 2007

oops…..that’s an essay i left…..sorry kevin…

hope you have a good time actually reading through it 😉

TonNet August 8, 2007

I am being using Blogger since the very begining and I am still using it. What I do love about Blogger is the chances you have to play with the HTML for free! WordPress a very respectable plataform but if I have to pay, no thanks. I can live without WP, period!

Shypy August 8, 2007

Wow, I've been stuck on this page for 20 mins now… some really nice comments here :)

Now getting back to the debate…

New bloggers really like using their mouse(clicking, drag and drop, etc).

I guess that's where the blogger interface beats hands down.

WordPress was the first cms I used, but I'd refer blogger/blogpost for casual blogging.

Guess I wont be winning the prize, but alteast I get my point through :)

Kevin August 8, 2007

Some fantastic comments so far. Keep them coming, still a week to go in this debate :)

mahdi yusuf August 9, 2007

wordpress is better, because using blogger is like having the slow kid do your homework, rather than the class genius! short and sweet! 😀

Todd Dow August 9, 2007

I recently re-invented one of my blogs ( on Blogger. But, I have quickly decided to abandon it on Blogger and switch to WordPress, thus consolidating all of my blogs in one place.

Why would I do this, you ask? Well… here’s my reasoning:

Pro-Blogger / Anti-Wordpress:

* Flexible layout/design: Blogger has a very flexible layout that can easily be tweaked.

* Scripting: Blogger allows for javascript!

* Monetization: Blogger allows for adsense (and many other ad networks via javascript)

Pro-Wordpress / Anti-Blogger:

* Site layout/design: The template system on Blogger resets if you change the default template. A lot of hard work goes down the drain in a hurry.

* The default Blogger templates are rough around the edges. It takes a lot of work to make a blog look good.

* WordPress offers professional looking templates out of the box.

* Where are the pages? In Blogger, to make various “pages” for your site, you create a blog posting and then use that new post as a new page. It works, but it’s kludgey. In WordPress, pages are quite intuitive and easy to use.

* WordPress allows for ALL of my blogs to be managed with one interface (including stats reporting).

So… instead of struggling with the multiple platform approach, I thought I’d consolidate my blogs under one umbrella.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to be anti-blogger from now on. In fact, Blogger has some great features that I’d love to continue to take advantage of. But I’m not a designer, and WordPress takes the worry out of me doing the design work myself. I will miss the javascript functionality of blogger though. But who knows… If I build a big enough blog, I’ll spin it off from the hosting and host it myself, at which time I’ll be able to use javascript again (no javascript is a limitation of the free, hosted version of wordpress, but the self-host option enables you to use javascript as much as you want).

And really… for all the bells and whistles I can add to my blog, at the end of the day, my blog is about content. I will be able to take advantage of plenty of web2.0 functionality even if I am limited in what I can put into my blog directly. In fact, this’ll just make it more fun trying to include stuff in my blog in a creative way that doesn’t conflict with’s limitations.

Talk soon!


JHS August 11, 2007

Just found your site and I'll play because I have a definite opinion on this topic:

There is no contest. WordPress is FAR superior to Blogger for numerous reasons, some of which have been mentioned above.

I am an experienced website builder, having constructed my first by trial and error (and an HTML book from B&N) back in 1998. It grew and grew . . . I finally began blogging in March 2005. Being a neophyte, I signed up for Blogger.

I didn't get serious about blogging until late 2006 so I went to work hacking my Blogger blog. Then I wanted a better comment system, so I added Haloscan. I developed a loyal following.

Sadly, however, I learned the hard way that I should have used Word Press and my own domain name from the outset. The transition has been time-consuming and cost me links.

First, Word Press has far more flexibility in terms of creating static pages, editing timestamps (a must for someone like me who has a demanding career . . . I can't be sitting in front of the computer and hit "publish" at the optimal moment). I write my content on the weekends, tell Word Press when to take it live and go about my business. With Blogger, that is impossible.

Blogger's comment system is pitiful in comparison. I have the flexibility with WordPress to allow folks to subscribe to comments, preview and edit them, and can even invite new readers to subscribe to my feed on their first 3 visits. The top commentators for the month are rewarded in my sidebar. No need to have a pop-up window, as with Haloscan or Blogger. Plus, spam comments are trapped/blocked. With the Comment Relish plugin, my site automatically sends a personalized e-mail to new visitors who leave a comment. Sweet.

Here's yet another significant advantage: No trackbacks / pinging with Blogger. Yet another reason I needed Haloscan. I participate in Linkfests. It was a major pain with Blogger. WordPress automatically pings based upon embedded links. Or you can add trackback links at the bottom of your post. You don't need to look up a separate trackback link, either, because on WordPress the permalink is the same as the trackback link. Again . . . sweet.

And get this . . . Haloscan comments do not import into WordPress so I have copied and pasted some of them, but there is no way I am ever going to have time to recoup 22 pages (on Haloscan) worth of comments so they are lost. (I got back my prior Blogger comments, though it isn't an even trade.) :sad:

The formatting flexibility in WordPress is also remarkable and if you use Chris Pierson's themes, you can customize them but retain many fabulous features, such as the built-in photo/graphic formatting offered and pull quotes. All of those types of features required special Blogger hacks that I spent hours perfecting through trial and error. There are several plugins that allow you to incorporate footnotes (I use them all the time), tables, superscript, subscript, font colors . . . you can even toggle between full and normal screen mode while writing your post. And you have full html functionality so you can either preview the post the way your readers will see it or manage the html code right there in the WordPress window. Did I mention the emoticons? 😉

Last night I downloaded plugins that allow me to backup my entire blog with 1 click. I can even program WordPress to do this regularly at a particular time and download the zip file to my hard drive. Also, I found a plugin that does not require me to unzip plugins — I can upload, activate and customize them right from the desktop, not to mention the new one-click WordPress upgrade plugin. NONE of these things are possible on Blogger.

Finally, I can tell the moment I pull up a Blogger blog vs. WordPress site. WordPress, irrespective of the theme employed, offers a more professional, clean, "finished" look than does Blogger. (Highly subjective point.)

That's about it . . . just off the top of my head. 😎

Rob O. August 12, 2007

<blockquote cite="JHS">I can tell the moment I pull up a Blogger blog vs. WordPress site. WordPress […] offers a more professional, clean, "finished" look than does Blogger.

No offense, but it'd be very easy to counter that argument by saying that 90% of the WP blogs out there use 1 out of 2 of the same boring themes. Overwhelmingly, nearly all WP blogs look the same!

All too often, WP blogs are 3-columns, with the content jammed into a claustrophobia-inducing little space on the left, with 2 more space-hogging columns of ads, widgets, and plug-ins eating up the whole right-hand half of the page.

Blogger blogs can have clean, professional, and sustantive designs too – it just takes some effort.

However, I'll certainly agree with you about Blogger's weak commenting system! Blech!

Simon August 12, 2007

I think the main point is being a little overlooked.

I would say that its a very important aspect of any blog to have a layout and design that stands out from the crowd. Custom templates, while they can be professional, are often times used by a lot of different bloggers which makes your blog look cheap and, ironically, unprofessional. I think that besides having killer content you have to be able to tweak your layout enough so that you don't look exactly like the next "regular blog".

Having said that, blogger wins hands down. I have issues with blogger and personally I'd really like to migrate over to wordpress software on a dedicated server. But here we're discussing the free hosting services of wp and blogger, so because you have to pay in order to partake of wordpress's full capacity it kind of defeats the purpose of being free.

For me that's the only real reason why wp loses out. Forget adsense and everything else, if you can't customize your blog without paying, then give me blogger.

I still don't like the commenting system though.


Jose Modesto August 13, 2007

WP is superior for some obvious reasons… but I would have to choose Blogger… I've used them both… and blogger is excellent for begginners, wich are A LOT, and they usually stay with it… Blogger is more friendly with other blogs…

But in my opinion, WP is greater (and the self-hosted version is even better, has no limits!)

Keep the comments comming!!

Ashwini August 15, 2007

ok its a debate and I want to contradict Techzilo with a few points

"Also, most blogspot blogs get PR3 in the first update, even with very little content. Example: my personal blog, which was a test blog setup 5-6 months ago has PR3 with just ~5 incoming links.(btw, I will be releasing that blog’s theme soon on TechZilo, so watch out!)"

you had a small blog but atleast you had some incoming links.

I had just backed up my blog at wordpress, and now it has PR of 3 without any external link{except wordpress}

I can assure you most blogs older than 3 months have a PR

"Has an active community of hackers like Ramani, Aditya, Deepak, Hoctro, Purplemoggy, Phydeaux3 etc."

Purple's left blogger, Ramani is sleeping,Hoctro has gone on a vacation,Phydeaux 3 have lost their charm.

I don't know Aditya Deepak

Most of the hackers round there try provide thos features already installed in WP 😉

"You CAN remove navbar, according to" doesn't own blogger

"Designers like Aditya sells unique killer templates, such beautiful ones for just $15, $20 and $25. how many wordpress themes (even .org) would you get for that amount?"

unless u r dumb

jai August 16, 2007

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Verity May 17, 2008

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Typolight September 6, 2008

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pauline November 7, 2008

Im glad I checked this site :) Im planning to create a blog anfd been researching about wordpress coz I read great feedback but it seems its not for a beginner, I have an account with blogger and must admit its so easy to use but some features I want is in wordpress but I think Ill just have to stick with blogger coz Im not too technical and just want to blog as my hobby

Thanks everyone 😀

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