The importance of spacing your posts out

I wrote yesterday’s CoComment post directly after my post about product reviews. I published the product reviews post right away however I held the CoComment post back a day.

There was a reason for me doing this. The CoComment post was quite long so it would have pushed the product reviews post quite far down the home page. Since that post had only been online an hour and only had one comment, posting a long post would have greatly reduced the exposure to it.

I have spoke about publishing at certain times of the day in the past however with posts here getting more and more comments each week i’ve realised how important it is to space posts out so that a good post isn’t skipped over by readers.

At the moment I have been aiming to publish at least twice a day, the first post at 5am Eastern Time and the second at 8am Eastern Time. This corresponds to 10am and 1pm here in the UK.

If you post more than once a day on your blog I recommend spacing your posts out by at least a few hours so that good posts are not missed by your readers.

Good Luck,



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