Should your blogroll links have a no follow tag attached?

Tejvan from Net Writing commented in my google page predictions post that he noticed some sites having a fall in page rank even though they have been getting more back links.

A huge factor in determining page rank is the page rank of the websites that are linking to you so it is possible to increase backlinks to a blog but still get a lower page rank if the page rank of the pages that are linking to you are reduced. However, a more common reason for a website getting a reduced page rank in the google update is an increased amount of outgoing links.

The page rank of a page will not directly change with more or less outgoing links however the PR that each outgoing link gets does change. This is because the amount of PR that a page has does not change so more outgoing links simply means the PR sent to each outgoing link is reduced. For example, if the number of outgoing links on a page increased from 5 to 15, the PR each link would receive would be a third of what it was before.

Gabriel Harper wrote that :

More outgoing links on your page will not reduce your own PR directly, but it will reduce the PR a link can pass which translates to less PR passed back to your own site indirectly.

Whilst doing a bit of research for this post I came across a post from a few months ago by Dan of The Wrong Advices entitled ‘How To Prevent Your Blog From Leaking PageRank’. In this post Dan talks about how a websites overall Page Rank can be dramatically reduced with too many outgoing links. This is known as PR leakage or dilution.

From the very start of BloggingTips I have made a point not to have too many outgoing links in the blog’s design. Infact, apart from the links in the ‘Making Money’ area of the sidebar, all links are internal. I did not worry about this in blog posts as outgoing links in a post only affect the post page whereas an outgoing link in the sidebar would be present on hundreds of pages (plus I never want to limit the volume of links in posts here). I’m hoping that my prediction of a page rank of 6 for Blogging Tips is correct but I’d be happy with a PR of 5.

Therefore, from next month I will be in the same boat as other bloggers ie. how to make money from selling text links and advertisements without losing my page rank. This just means I will need to keep working on incoming links to the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Blogroll Page Rank Leakage

Dan brought up a very interesting point in his post. He points out that one of the biggest leaking areas of page rank on a blog is the Blogroll. This is especially true on some blogs, I’ve seen some blogs with close to a hundred links in the blogroll. Now I believe in the idea of the Blogroll but there’s no denying it can hurt page rank.

Dan suggested three solutions to handle Blogroll leakage :-

  • You can create a separate page to display your blogroll. This works but personally I prefer to keep my blogroll in the sidebar.
  • Add a nofollow attribute to blogroll links. I only mention this method for completeness. Itโ€™s a very antisocial and selfish approach and really goes against the spirit of having a blogroll.
  • Only display your blogroll on the homepage. This is my method of choice, and the one I want to discuss in more detail.

Dan mentions that displaying the blogroll only on the homepage is his method of choice and I can understand why. However, since the home page is more likely to have sponsors than other areas of your blog, PR leakage could still be a concern. Which is why I believe that adding a no follow tag to blog roll links should be considered as an option.

I have considered adding a list of useful blogs to the sidebar of Blogging Tips in the past but I have not did so because I have been concerned about Page Rank so much. Perhaps I shouldn’t so concerned but perhaps I wouldn’t get a good page rank if i wasn’t thinking like this! ๐Ÿ˜€

Of course, an alternative solution to all this is to only exchange Blogroll links with blogs with the same page rank and a similar amount of backlinks however it could be argued that this kind of defeats the whole point of a Blogroll.

Where do you stand on this, would you consider adding the no follow tag to your Blogroll links?

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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